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Aug 26, 2013 05:09 PM

Private party room on Westside - drinks/appetizers for 25-30

Hi All,

I'm planning a birthday party for my husband - probably drinks/appetizers for 25-30 people and I'd prefer a private room if possible. Any suggestions on the Westside?


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    1. re: J.L.

      Yes to Westside Tavern. Two nice private rooms

      1. re: J.L.

        That was my suggestion as well. Found them accommodating in ways other places weren't.

        1. Evening reservations can be challenging for a private room in a restaurant because of minimums. If the time is early (say 4 to 7 pm) or the day in less demand (say Sunday, Monday or Tuesday), there may be more flexibility.

          Pool - have had great parties in pool area of Lowe's Santa Monica hotel.

          Annenberg Beach House - great location on the sand. May only be available to nonprofits.

          Casa Del Mar - have private function rooms, but best area is window line of lobby bar with Ocean View and view of Santa Monica Pier. Hotel often closes off the area for private brunches. However, no acoustic privacy.

          Valentino's. Many private rooms. Probably available. Great food. Potentially pricey, but restaurant is in process of reinventing itself and new direction may have different price points.

          Michael's. Second floor has a recently remodelled private room. They have a great all night happy hour appetizer menu. If they will give you the room and let you order off the happy hour menu, that would be a GREAT deal.

            1. Similar question posed before -

              Depending how casual, the back room at Waterloo & City may also work.