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SF Dish of the Month (September 2013) - Voting

Hi all,

Like last month, I'm going to skip the nomination round, and just combine everything into a single discussion. Feel free to include a sales pitch with any nominations, which was very effective last month.

Everyone is welcome to vote once by pressing the recommend button for the dish you'd like to choose. You can change your mind up until the deadline.

I included most of the runners-up from last month....but if there's something else you'd like to be on the ballot, you can write it in, and then others can vote using the recommend button. If you write something in, that will be considered your one vote (and if you want to change your vote after that, just post again to say so)

Voting will be open until August 30th at 4 PM PT.

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        1. re: Dave MP

          From a completely selfish perspective, have you considered doing hamburgers? I know there are threads on "best burger" etc but it would be cool to have a really up to date listing with notes!

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Would this include any type of meatball, in any kind of dish? My concern with this choice would be that it's too broad....though I could certainly be convinced otherwise :)

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                I guess this is a very large category, potentially even including hamburgers. Some potential suggestions for narrowing this down next month...

                lion's head meatball soup
                braised lion's head meatballs
                albondigas soup
                meatball banh mi
                spaghetti and meatballs
                sweet and sour meatballs (of any kind)
                swedish meatballs
                meatball and tomato sauce sandwich

                1. re: hyperbowler

                  For Ruth the category may need to be inclusive of Ćevapčići. :) And then the question becomes, are Ćevapčić meatballs, hamburgers, kebaps, sausage, or _____?

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I was thinking more in terms of traditional meatballs (ground meat and some kind of seasonings and binder) in sauce or soup, not grilled ground meat.

                    1. re: Ruth Lafler

                      As you saw, my cevapcici idea went up in smoke. But I have another possible spot on the radar.

                      We had a lot of interest in nominating and voting for September. Let's keep up the momentum and get some fresh, current reports up on hamburgers.

                2. re: Ruth Lafler

                  It will not surprise anyone who knows me to hear that I second, third and fourth the MEATBALLS suggestion: especially since I actually will make it to the bay area in September and promise to report in on some! (if you must narrow it down, personally, I go for albondigas, but could go for the Lion's head soup also.)

                  I know! MEATBALLS IN SOUP!

                3. TRIPE
                  So this really doesn't qualify as a "sales pitch", it's just what I'm thinking at this moment:

                  Any and all of the many ways tripe is prepared are delicious to me and I'd love to hear about places that have good dishes on their menus...

                  I don't believe I've ever had a really great Menudo in a restaurant - can you tell me about places that make a terrific version and why you like it?

                  Other preps I've either eaten or read about and want to know more about:
                  Lampredotto (any places other than Elmira Rosticceria).
                  Chinese crispy pork intestine (like the dish at the long gone Zone 88).
                  Trippa ala Romana.
                  Etc. ???

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                  1. re: RWCFoodie

                    Tripe is from the stomach. Your example of pork intestine is not tripe. Are you nominating both meat cuts?

                    (And my usual spiel that a cut of meat does not constitute a dish.)

                      1. re: Melanie Wong

                        for that matter 'Southeast Asian fish in banana leaf' is not a single dish, it is a technique or method of cooking.
                        Many very different dishes subsumed in this category.

                        Not unlike saying 'Central European tripe cooked in a pot'.

                        1. re: tranewreck

                          Many dishes have a sort of blurry line when it comes to what would be included or what would not be included. And I think that's okay, and that is also sort of the point of Dish of the Month.

                          If you look up the recipe for marinara sauce on Wikipedia, you'll get a general definition of the dish. If a restaurant in SF decided to put carrot into their marinara sauce, but still called it marinara sauce and otherwise stuck to a traditional recipe (with tomatoes), I think I'd definitely still consider it marinara sauce, because it's following the general ingredient/prep expectations of the dish.

                          I like to think of "Dishes" for dish of the month as a combination of Preparation and Ingredient. So, sometimes that will result in broader and more flexible categories, like "Asian Fried Chicken" or "SE Asian Fish in Banana Leaf" and other times it will be more specific, like "Banh Xeo" or "Cucumber Pickles."

                          The reason why I am not personally enamored with the idea of "meatball" as Dish of the Month is that I think it's slightly too broad...at the moment, it could be lots of different ingredients and lots of different preps. Vietnamese pho w/ meatballs is such a drastically different food from Italian-American spaghetti with meatballs that I am not sure how useful it would be to compare them directly, which is also another point of Dish the Month.

                          As far as the tripe recommendation, I see tripe as an ingredient, so it's missing the preparation component, as Melanie has pointed out.

                          A discussion about the best tripe dishes (like we currently have about the best tongue dishes) would be awesome, but I don't think it's really Dish of the Month.

                          Anyway, looking forward to seeing what gets chosen. Just about 24 hours left to vote and nominate!

                          1. re: Dave MP

                            Tks Dave MP re your comment:
                            "As far as the tripe recommendation, I see tripe as an ingredient, so it's missing the preparation component, as Melanie has pointed out."

                            That's why I changed my nomination to MENUDO...

                            Actually after all that, I've changed my mind anyway. Will post a new nomination...

                            1. re: RWCFoodie

                              Yes, I think Menudo is an excellent nomination! So is dolsot bibimbap!

                                1. re: fishhead

                                  Hi fishhead: if you want to vote for Menudo, go to that post and click on square next to "recommend"...

                              1. re: RWCFoodie

                                Oh, I totally missed the Menudo suggestion. It gets lost amongst the collapsed posts if you don't have it as the first line of the post.

                                1. re: RWCFoodie

                                  I love the idea of DOLSOT BIBIMPAP ! Put my vote in.

                            1. re: The Dive

                              Actually, I don't want my suggestion to be over-simplified ... I am looking for good salads with anchovy.

                              1. I want to change my vote from MA PO TOFU to DOLSOT BIBIMPAP (and can't figure out how to un-do a "recommend" on the former.....)

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                                1. re: sundeck sue

                                  click on "recommend" again and it will remove you.

                                  i just tried on your post to test :)

                                2. It was a close month, and I think we have some great ideas for upcoming months....but the winner, just in time for Labor Day Weekend, is HAMBURGERS.

                                  Here's the link to the discussion. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/915164

                                  Hope everyone has a great weekend.
                                  Dave MP