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Aug 26, 2013 04:42 PM

Above average in St. Augustine

Hello, we have some foodie friends visiting soon and we haven't tried all that many places ourselves. We have been visiting for a number of years and tried a lot of the places that were good, not sure how they rate now.
If you were picking an above average (not touristy), sit-down, relaxing dinner, where would you go. I know that there really isn't anything superb in the area, but still looking. The following are places that we have tried and what we thought of them:
1 Collage-would be our first pick, but closed nights that friends are visiting
2 95 Cordova-big disappointment
3 Tasting Room-better than average, possibly a front runner
4 Catch 27-love the byob, fish was fresh but over-cooked, not relaxing vibe
5 Floridian-decent, but like Catch 27, not relaxing atmosphere
6 Gypsy, Purple Olive, Gas-all fair, no where I would want to take visitors.
7 Black Fly-good pizza and martinis, otherwise food is good, but not worth the price
8 Raintree-haven't been in years, but reviews not good
9 the Pavillion and Bistro de Leon , La Pentola we have not tried.
Please tel me what you would recommend, sort of at a loss at this point.
Oh, also Fratellis, only mediocre and Cafe Atlantico same.

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  1. Is the Columbia unworthy of your consideration?

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    1. re: Veggo

      I really like their salads, but looking for a place to relax, spend a couple of hours, maybe. I want to try for more formal, but I guess that doesn't really exist in St Aug.
      Have you tried any of the places listed in 9 above? Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Oh quit the "snobbery", LOL. Take them to O'steen's or Saltwater Cowboys and show them what Floridians eat. Minorcan chowder! If you're trying to impress them with the haute, big city cuisine and they're from the big city, you'll fail miserably and will be in stuffy environs. So just tell them you're "slumming". and go and relax and enjoy their company. The food will take care of itself.

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      1. re: crewsweeper

        I love Minorcan chowder and detour to St. Augustine every chance I get. But I don't consider either of those restaurants as a place which invites several hours of relaxed dining...

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          Not trying to be snobby or impress them (they are from the big city), just looking for a little better meal and relaxing atmosphere. Don't need to show them how we live, they've been to a beach or two before . What I need to know is what is yours, or anybody's opinion of the Pavilion, bistro de leon and la pentola? If the food isn't really above the norm, then I agree with you, we'll just hit a place on the beach.