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Aug 26, 2013 04:36 PM

What's On The Menu At Ahgoo Kitchen?

So when you drive by a restaurant called Ahgoo Kitchen you just have to pull over and bust on in to see what's going on. After looking at their fairly short menu I'm not sure how to characterize this place. It's been described as Taiwanese but it's not like there's stinky tofu, pork chop rice, three cups chicken etc. on the menu. Rather there's Sichuan tofu, seaweed crusted fish fillet and mongolian lamb. Also pork with leek dumplings and fish with leek dumplings, which are also available frozen in bags of 50. And in their appetizers section is "XO Sauce". No, not XO sauce with something, just XO sauce. Ahgoo Kitchen is at 10053 E. Valley Bl. in El Monte, Unit #5, former home of Love Sandwiches.

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  1. My mom goes there for the 煎炸牛蒡. Actually, more like tolerates it. And she tolerates it only because 牛蒡 is good for the complexion and a person's 氣.

    She will touch nothing else there.

    1. I've been coming here semi-regularly now for a little bit and feel obligated to post about them as I munch on leftover Aghoo Kitchen fish dumplings.

      As mentioned above, good fish dumplings. Great in fact. More in the vein of soft-pillowly wontons than uber-chewy Northern style, but very good nonetheless. Maybe even better cold, a day-old.

      Decent pig trip noodles, as are the braised pig ears.

      Sesame bread is outstanding; not in the same vein as say China Islamic, and can best be described as a scallion pancake on a steady Lance Armstrong diet of horse hormones, steroids, and synthetic HGH. Big, bready, and chewy. Will make you forget glycemic levels and all things low-carb.

      1. Burdock Root.

        Yet another reason to come here. Like little sweet and sour matchsticks of antioxidants.

        Who knew candy could be cancer-fighters.