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Aug 26, 2013 03:47 PM

Shore Clam Bars?

Any clam bar recommendations along Jersey Shore, particularly in area around Long Branch? Thanks!

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  1. A little further south in Toms River u can enjoy super fresh clams and oysters at Xinas, and further south still is Harry's Oyster Bar @ Ballys

    1. Rooney's Oceanfront Restaurant


      Both are on the oceanfront in Long Branch.

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        Both are excellent just make sure you have room on your credit card because neither are cheap!!

        1. re: jrvedivici

          Both have specials during Happy Hour.

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            Sorry, Have not been to Avenue, but can not designate Rooneys as "Excellent" at anything. Recent reviews of Avenue are not encouraging.

            Beyond this I have a hard time identifying anything in Monmouth County in terms of what I would define as a "Clam Bar." This is a term from my childhood that conjures memories of a bucket of steamers for a few bucks. You are lucky to find anything along these lines for less than $15 or $20 now.

            Maybe some of the restaurants that are still connected with seafood stores like Navesink Fishery in Navesink, Mr. Shrimp in Belmar or Spikes in Pt. Pleasant. These are still not inexpensive, but when it comes to seafood these days the one word you should be advised to avoid is "cheap."

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              I tend to agree with equal_Mark about Rooneys and Avenue in Long Branch. I've lost interest in both places and consider their food average and overpriced. My new spot for a nice clam dish is Charlie's, just north of Rooneys at the northern edge of Long Branch waterfront. They have a dish called Drunken Clams that I really enjoy, and my wife feels the same about the Coconut Shrimp. Can't comment about any other dishes because we order the same thing every time.

        2. Allans Clam Bar in New Gretna has been a top place for 30 years. It ain't fancy though.

          1. Thanks to all who replied. I've learned that there is obviously a difference in the definition of what a clam bar is between Long Island and New Jersey. On LI a clam bar is a shack near the water that serves steamers, fried clams, chowder, items like that usually washed down with cold beer. That is the type of place I was looking for at the shore.
            Rooneys and Avenue are hardly clam bars but fine dining establishments. But I appreciate the answers and hope to check some out soon, in the meantime I'll go to the nearest Biggies to satisfy my fix.

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              Moby's in Highlands is the "clam shack" on the water you are looking for.