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Aug 26, 2013 03:27 PM

Where to buy cazuelas/paella pans in Madrid?

Hi everyone!

I will be visiting Madrid in October and would like to buy a few cazuelas and paella pan. I saw similar topic here and someone recommended great shop "Ferreteria - S. Tarca" in Barcelona. This is exactly what I'm looking for (professional and not very "touristy"). Any chance to find this shop in Madrid? (see picture)


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  1. There are ferreterías all over Madrid--like one every 3-5 blocks in most central parts of the city--and they all have a little kitchen section with steel paella pans and clay cazuelas (along with the enamel pans we use for huevos rotos, which I like a lot, too). Let us know where you are staying and I can try to make a recommendation somewhere convienient to your hotel.

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      Many thanks for your help! I read your posts about Barcelona but I couldn't find contact info (I'm new here). I booked Vincci Capitol, Gran Via 41.
      If you live in Spain maybe you can tell me what city should I visit except Madrid (one day trip): Barcelona, Seville, Valencia or Malaga?

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        Your hotel is pretty close to the great spot that JuanDoe mentioned--it's straight north, walking through Malasaña. Just be sure to go during regular business hours (most likely 10-2 and 5-8).

        If you are based in Madrid, none of the cities that you mention are great for a one-day trip.... I'd recommend more time in all of them. Easier day-trip towns from Madrid are Segovia, Toledo, Aranjuez, Alcalá de Henares, Chinchón, El Escorial. You can also get to Córdoba in two hours on the train, see a lot of it in a day and come back.

        In a pinch, I suppose it's conceivable that you could go very early to Málaga, Sevilla, or Valencia, spend the night and return the next evening (technically more than a day). Málaga is the most compact. Valencia and Sevilla are more sprawling with more to do and see. Still, I'd want to spend more than a day in any of them, if I went to the effort of getting there.

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          I noticed that I can get to Sevilla or Malaga in 2,5h by AVE train, to Valencia in 1,5h and AVE trains arrive and depart almost every hour in both directions. That's why I take those cities into consideration. Sevilla seems to be beautiful but there's no sea. Valencia is home of paella (I love cooking!). I'm gonna visit Toledo of course. The journey by AVE train takes only 30 min. But I have one day completely free and would love to visit one of the mentioned cities. This is a business trip and I must stay in Madrid (except one free day).

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            Yes, I know how long it takes to get to those towns, but they are all the kinds of places where at least 2-3 days makes more sense... or maybe I'm just more of a lingerer... I've done Córdoba as a day trip with visitors and it does work, because the train station is centrally located and the town is very, very compact. Still, it's nice staying overnight, too.

            Málaga doesn't have the nicest beaches, but the town has nice views of the Mediterranean from the Alcazaba.

            The best paella places around Valencia are a little trip out of town, though there's other good food to be had there.

            Seville is beautiful and you would surely enjoy a day there, but I have a feeling you'd be kicking yourself for not being able to stay longer, since you'll have to leave before dinner and nightlife to get back to Madrid (the last train usually leaves around 21:15).

            Personally, my favorite day trip from Madrid is Segovia--as long as it isn't the dead of winter. Also taking the mountain train to Navacerrada and hiking down to the Cercedilla station is very nice if you are the outdoorsy sort (and there's a nice spot to eat at the bottom of the mountain--Los Frutales). And another: taking the train El Escorial with a hike up Mount Abantos for views of El Escorial and Madrid.

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              I see your point. I realize that one day is not enough but after 4 days in Madrid I must visit one of those cities! Even short (or long?) walk through the old town will make me happy! :) If I like it I will come back someday to see more! Never been to Spain so everything seems to be attractive and worth visiting for me. Can't wait!

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                Got it. Sounds like you are planting seeds so you have to come back!

                I think I would play it a bit by ear to make sure the weather is cooperating in the town you want to visit. That is, unless you hit the October holiday weekend (the 12th), in which case you might need to plan ahead more. Sevilla is usually very nice in October. I think that would be my pick for a really different big-city experience from Madrid, nice long walks, and good possibilities for grazing along the way.

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                  Definitely do that! Thanks a lot :) Hope I will love Spain as much as I love Italy (including cuisine).

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            Go to Cuenca on the train. Great food a nd drink, landscape, modern art museum.

      2. 'Roalu' on Calle San Vicente Ferrer #12 (Malasaña neighborhood) is one of the best stocked stores in saucepans and all kind of kitchenware.

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          Thanks! I will definitely go there!