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lots of threads that go back for several years on indian places in montreal. Too difficult to search through them all.... what's the top several indian curry houses these days in montreal?

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  1. My faves are still Moti Mehal on L'Acadie & Jean-Talon, and Shahi Palace in Pierrefonds.

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      2nd vote for Moti Mahal. They make a great Balti Chicken.

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        Moti Mehal is good but the place is very worn out and dirty, and the staff have a sour attitude. I have trouble eating at places that are so downright filthy.

    2. Oh, and when I'm in the mood for a dosa, my new fave is Thanjai on Van Horne. It's getting very popular though, last time I tried to go without a reservation I was told it'd be at least a 30-minute wait.


      1. "lots of threads that go back for several years on indian places in montreal. Too difficult to search through them all.."


        1. i went to maison indian curry the other night and it was disgusting

          what is with that place? once they served my girlfriend a salt laced thali and put up a huge fight when she sent it back

          on other occasions it was as perfect as could be expected

          1. All of the Indian restaurants here are just so inconsistent - feels like different chefs on different days, or tons of kitchen turnover. I rarely have a favourite for more than six months, and feel that all the past Chowhound threads are more or less useless.

            Need to try Thanjal I guess!

            1. Bombay Choupati for top Indian not only in the west but the entire island. Consistent and fresh and the place is very clean, I know we're not supposed to talk about hygeine but certain restos (not just Indian) stand to learn a little about keeping their places clean. Their Dosas are unbelievable, I'm curious to try Thanjai to see how their Dosas match up. BC will always ask you how spicy you want your meal as well.

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                They match up well - I would happily eat at either. Thanjai has a much larger selection of dosas, though. And if they say a dosa is spicy, it will be.

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                  I agree. Bombay Choupati is consistently good. Same owners, same cook (Bindi), same servers. I have never been disappointed.

                2. Sana (655 rue Jarry west). The owners are Pakistani, and food is sensational. For the reasons mentioned above (inconsistency etc) we don't go anywhere else anymore. Service has improved recently too, which is nice.

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                    I feel Sana has slipped in the past 1-2 years. The butter chicken sauce is watery and the chicken pieces very stringy. It used to have the best butter chicken but the last few times I went it was subpar. I agree that the staff are friendlier. As for Moti Mehal, it is dirty (the white door inside is black - nobody has passed a wet rag over it in years) and the Northern Indian dishes are average. The most consistently good ones are Bombay Choupati, Tandoor et Grille, Sahib and Bombay Mahal.
                    Maison Indian Curry and Punjab Palace haven't been good in many years. I have not went recently to Malhi Sweets or Curry&Naan/Chand Palace to know if they are still good.

                  2. Bombay Mahal on Jean Talon corner L'Acadie. Not pretty but great food. Maison India on Sherbrooke W in NDG is very consistent, have been going there for years and never had a bad meal.

                    1. I really, really like Chef Akbar, but, to be fair, I haven't tried most places mentioned here.

                      What do people think of Chef Akbar? Is it as good as the other places mentioned?

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                        No...IMHO. Bombay Choupati is the best in the city...but bit more pricy...you pay for the quality and the surroundings. They are very good about tailoring the heat level to your tolerance level. Lunch thali plate has good selection and good value. Their dosas are the best in the city, again IMHO. Family run and very pleasant people. Their beer-wine prices are on the high side. Shahi Palace is my second fav on the WI AND it is BYOB.

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                          Chef Akbar is good in a different way. It's very light, healthy Indian cooking. For me, it doesn't hit the spot when I'm craving Indian food.