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Aug 26, 2013 02:22 PM

Stoneburner - new restaurant in Ballard by Jason Stoneburner (This site hasn't been updated since opening


Being infrequent visitors I wasn't familiar with Jason Stoneburner's name. This place just happened to be right across the street from where we were parked and we liked the menu. We thought it was terrific.

We shared a huge salad of escarole, paper thin slices of radish, GREAT Parm croutons and a wonderful dressing that tasted rather Caesar'ish (the server told me the dried fish that goes in it but I don't remember). We also shared an equally good pasta (they're all made inhouse) with chanterelles and caramelized onion in an oo sauce. (I was assuming I was going to find the menu online so excuse my lack of accuracy.). What is that pasta called (see pic below)? I would go back there time and time again. Highly recommend.

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  1. I had a fantastic meal here a week or so ago. One dish, the bed sheet pasta wrapped around a blend of roasted cauliflower and ricotta cheese, was one of the best things I've eaten all year.

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      We were tempted by that. Actually they all sounded good. I asked the guy making the pasta if he goes home dreaming about and, yes, he does :) It's a very handsome place also and we were able to park right across the street.

    2. The pasta looks like Mafalda, perhaps?

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      1. This seems like an instant hit--I go to the gym in the same building and it's even packed on Monday nights.