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Aug 26, 2013 02:21 PM

Where to buy a whole, uncooked pig

Hi everyone,
My friend is renting a spit and wants to roast a whole pig. We called some of our preferred butchers who are asking for $4-6/lb for one. I know they'll provide a quality pig, etc etc but we wanted to see if there might be a less expensive place that would still provide a good pig. Perhaps a wholesale place?

I was hoping someone here might have some ideas.


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  1. I bought one at Plaza Meat Market in Astoria but it was cooked. I would imagine they have uncooked as well. Usually decent prices.

    1. Western Beef -- several locations

      1. Go to a local deli that has buffet(like the ones that are owned by Koreans). Ask for a store manager and see if he/she can buy one for you.

        1. They come from two places: Hunt's Point, and a butcher wholesaler in Westchester. Westchester I think is frozen, and Hunts Point fresh. Anyone can special order one, if they have an account with a foodservice that sells meat, but don't expect any great deals because no one just keeps them laying around as far as I know.

          BTW the ones I have seen come in little wooden coffins, always freaks me out a little.

          1. I was at New Public Meat Market in sunset park stocking up for a party and a guy came in and bought two whole pig heads. Other than once refusing to serve me when i arrived at 7:01 (they close at 7) ive only had great experiences with the service and products. Can't imagine theyre getting anything close to 5/lb.