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Aug 26, 2013 01:53 PM

Vegetarian in Middlesex county-for tomorrow evening!

Looking for great food-New Brunswick, Edison, Highland Park, etc in a nice restaurant. Ethnic is great. Indian works. The food is what counts.

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  1. While it is not an exclusively vegetarian restaurant, I'd recommend trying East West Cafe and Grill, located at 153 Hamilton Sreet
    New Brunswick. They have a wonderful assortment of vegetarian options available. I love their Baba Ganouj, veggie wraps, and hummus. I often just cannot choose one item, so I get the vegetarian combo platter. Daughter loves the eggplant parm and the vegetarian burritos. The menu offers a pretty diverse array, so everyone in the party will be able to find something that piques their interest and taste buds. Prices are quite reasonable as well.

    1. Pad Thai in Highland Park has a huge vegetarian section on their menu. If you go and you've never been, a word of caution. They make their food a lot on the spicy side. If you ask for mild it is even kind of spicy. If you are spice averse, ask for your dish not spicy.
      There is also that Peruvian place up the street, Tete, that makes some nice ceviches, but I am not sure about their vegetarian options. I know they have some, but I haven't tried them and there are fewer options than Pad Thai.

      1. Anyone know of a reslly good just vegetarian Indian. Could be Iselin or Edison.

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          How about Chowpatty on Oak Tree Road in Iselin? I think they do a pretty great job with South Indian vegetarian.

        2. You might try CHAND PALACE in Piscataway, for veggie Indian food. I have been meaning to go there myself. I used to eat at their "sister" restaurant in Parsipanny often and it was always excellent. It is at 1296 Centennial Ave. It has good reviews onTrip Advisor, etc. as I cannot personally vouch for it.