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Aug 26, 2013 01:43 PM

Brixton and Broadway Market/London Fields! gifts! [London]

A couple questions. I'm going to be spending one week in Brixton (Holmewood Gardens) and another week in the Broadway Market/London Fields area. Could anyone suggest, for either or both neighborhoods, inexpensive or moderately-priced places for breakfast or for dinner? Also, would anyone have suggestions for food presents that are available only in London (and that are preferably lightweight) to bring back to my good-hearted pals in the US? Thanks!

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  1. This is a recent and good thread about gifts to bring back from London. A stroll through the food halls at Selfridege's or John Lewis might give you some ideas, too.

    1. For Broadway market you have the Corner Room at Bethnal Green and Brawn in walking distance. Corner Room is the casual place from Nuno Mendes. No booking but you can drink while you wait in the Viajante bar. Brawn specialises in pig as you might think but wonderfully varied menu and excellent wines.

      I went for a birthday to Buen Ayre on Broadway market itself the other week - perfectly decent and reasonably priced Argentinian steakhouse. Not the best in London but probably half the price of Hawksmoor all told.

      Climpson and Sons coffee place is also on Broadway market and the market itself is a fantastic food source at weekends.

      You're close to Mangal II Ocakbasi restaurants there and the Vietnamese places on Kingsland Road (Viet Grill is the best of the bunch but none are stellar).

      There are some good threads on Brixton, I've not been for a while and it seems to be quite quick turnover in places there at the moment but I'm sure others could help.

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        Broadway Market is very near to Mangal, as ManInTransit says, along with a whole host of other Turkish places, which are good value - and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think the Turkish breakfasts at Evin Cafe on Kingsland Road are great. Also around there is Dukes Brew & Cue in Haggerston, Lardo in Hackney, and Lardo's pop up in London Fields, which is called Copa. That's only open Thursday-Sunday. I loved Lardo, and haven't been to Copa, but I've heard good things. The E5 Bakehouse in London fields is meant to be good also. Hope that helps!

      2. I went to KaoSarn in Brixton Village market last week. Very good Thai food. I also like Bukowski Grill in the other covered market, especially the short ribs and chicken livers.For breakfast I can recommend grabbing a coffee from Federation coffee in Brixton village market. There's a few places nearby to grab something to eat but not tried them.

        1. Thanks, all! I appreciate the excellent leads.

          1. I'm in a slightly different bit of Brixton, but my favourite place for breakfast in the summer is the Brockwell Park Lido Cafe where I always have the black pudding on sourdough with roast tomatoes. You can also get a decent dinner there - they have a cheap prosecco night on a Tuesday.

            I haven't been yet, but not far from Holmewood Gardens but actually in Streatham is a new pizza place which is highly rated by my friends. It's called Bravi Ragazzi and is a short bus ride away. It's being spoken about as better than Franco Manca!

            For food gifts, visit Cornercopia in Brixton Village where they make a lot of chutneys/preserves/cordials. Also good is A&C Continental on Atlantic Road (just round the corner from the tube station) and Nour Cash and Carry in Market Row. Cannon and Cannon opposite Nour sells British cheese and charcuterie. Market Row wines next door sells British beers/ciders. We're also getting a Brindisa, apparently (Spanish high-end deli) but I'm not sure when that will be opening.