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Where to purchase large white dinner plates in Vancouver?

My wife and I are planning a trip to Vancouver solely to buy 12 new place settings.
I am after large "charger" style dinner plates in Bone China in white, as well as side plates and bowls etc.
Bosa Foods was one outlet that I find interesting, but where else would one go to select dishes, Bed, Bath and Beyond doesn't really have what I want.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Best regards,

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  1. I know nothing about chinaware except they hold my food :-)

    Kim-John was an institution, finally gave it up a few years ago :-(

    In that same part of the 'hood (S. Granville) there's Pottery Barn

    Puddifoot in Kerrisdale neighbourhood comes to mind.

    Atkinson's on W. 6th is another.

      1. I have bought such items at Puddifoots. They supply the restaurant industry as well. They often have a sale in Ocrober.

        1. I bought mine ("Great White" was the name) at Pottery Barn and have been happy. The nice thing is that this seems to be one of their standard styles so if you break or want to add pieces later they are available. They also ship to 90 countries according to their website.

          I know my father-in-law bought some at The Bay awhile back too.

          I know this probably isn't relevant for you but make sure you measure the depth of your cabinets to ensure you have room to store these large plates. They don't fit in alot of standard, big box shelving (or some dishwashers either!)

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            I think the brand my father in law bought at the Bay was Joseph Conran for Wedgewood (definately bone china)

          2. Atkinson's and Puddifoot are good bets. island girl's note about fitting in cupboards is apropos for sure. We built our cabinets to order to ensure that our large cheese platters would fit!

            1. Ikea?

              pottery barn seems a very good suggestion -

              williams sonoma? (also in South Granville shopping area)

              excellent point about checking the capacity of your dishwasher and cupboards. I have Mikasa and it barely fits in one of the standard size cupboard cases.

              1. Thanks all for your suggestions, you've made me aware of some places I would have never found, being I'm on the island.

                islandgirl, You have some good points. The Miele dw is accommodating enough, I'll have to check, and the cupboard is a corner unit, and I'll have to check that as well.

                I am after some fine China, and I will use this as every day also.

                Thanks muchly,


                1. You might want to check out Paragon Food Equipment. While they cater mainly to the institutional and restaurant industry, they also sell to the public. The downside is you may be required you to buy a minimum of a case of each product (I'm not sure of how many pieces to the case). If you have any friends interested in the same product though, it might be worthwhile considering.

                  1. i realize that the OP is looking for a certain quality, etc - -- as a side note, i have had good luck asking a party rental place in our small town - happy to help she said. And what i mean by that is not renting but buying some next time she put in an order.

                    and that's another route too - I know people who have restaurants - and they are happy for me to pay them and it "up's" their order volume - parchment sheets, special pans, paper sandwich bags, big quantity of those brown parchment muffin cups, etc. I don't have a business in the food industry - i just like to use certain things in my kitchen.

                    saves me a trip to the city (please understand, I like proper Vanc - just not the sprawl that i have to drive thru to get there) - and it all works out well.

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                    1. re: Georgia Strait

                      Georgia Strait,

                      It's a good idea to check local, and I do want the bone China to be upscale and not flashy.

                      An East Indian restaurant in town has offered to get plates close, but these are heavier porcelain or ceramic, too heavy for my use

                      I'll have to give the party outlets a go.

                    2. Check out Ming Wo's too. Great kitchen shop and I got some nice white charger plates there.

                      1. We've have penciled in a trip to Vancouver for October, after a short visit to Victoria, then across to Van to continue the hunt for the dishes.

                        Thanks to all for their help.


                        1. If you are heading into Vancouver, then do contact Herzog as to your needs. Their selection of fine china was far more than I needed!
                          Also, the Bay may be willing to move your order back to Victoria to you. Ask for the store to transfer the inventory.

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                            Karen, does Herzog have a website? Or where may I find such a place, nothing came up in my Google search.

                            The Bay in Nanaimo didn't have anything that I am after that I found (Van may have something different, I guess).


                            1. re: BCBrent

                              here is a link to their two locations (below)

                              i find them a bit odd in terms of merchandising (no fancy displays here - it's kind of crowded and piled up) - but handy locations - 1 in park royal north (west van - 13 minutes to HShoe Bay terminal) and the other on Howe (north of Georgia) --- the one on Howe used to be that really nice store that displayed and served their clientele beautifully - it was a no-miss whereas Herzog is all the same product (or much of same) but no finesse. Anyway, now i remember, it was Sherri at Lightheart and Co ... and sadly she passed away about 10 yrs ago. (i think she was old traditional bc - being part of the Murchie family)

                              I think that's a good idea to ask the HBC for some service as suggested by Karen DW ---- they are appearing to get their act together now that Nordstrom is coming to Canada (didn't HBC just buy Saks?)

                              and - despite what I say above - i'd probably check out the Park Royal Herzog - just cuz it's convenient and easy parking etc


                              1. re: BCBrent

                                Hi Brent. Sorry for the late response. Have been away in a place where WIFI is charged by the hour.
                                thebay.com has some of the china lines listed, so perhaps you could take a look there? As for a Herzog connection, I've always just walked into the shop on Howe Street, near Dunsmuir.
                                Hope you're having some luck with your search.

                                1. re: KarenDW

                                  Thanks Karen and Georgia Strait,

                                  My couple of physical searches at the Bay didn't come up with what I am after, Mikasa is not that close to the charger style that I want; a trip to Van will happen in October. We'll probably spend 2 or 3 days to find what I want, if I can't I'll have to go back to square one and rethink.

                                  Many regards,


                            2. Les Amis du Fromage on Hastings is selling off their old Au Petit Chavignol dishware next weekend: http://myemail.constantcontact.com/DI...

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                                Dang ! We'll be out of town that weekend :-/

                                1. this is a long shot - but have you checked out what's at Echos in North Van on Lonsdale Ave? This is a good place to replace or sell - i've done it and they are very helpful


                                  ps - the parking there is kind of difficult as it is on the main st of Lonsdale - however, if you go around in the back lane behind the cold-beer store - Echo's has some of their own spaces - i think you can enter the shop thru the back (west) door ... up some stairs from the alleyway

                                  also - have you looked at the William Ashley website (nice store in Trto, ON) - just to see what is avail in Canada?

                                  AND - this business used to be in the Sears downtown Vcvr - and i have bought portmeirion from them - now it's online (sears is no longer in downtwn Vcvr - building is waiting to become Nordstrom I think) - anyway - check this out http://www.robmcintosh.ca/

                                  1. We went to Vancouver on Monday. Our itinerary consisted of many of the places in this thread; Herzog, Crate and Barrel and Atkinson’s.
                                    We started with Cookworks; although they didn't have what I wanted they did mention Villeroy&Boch just up the street on Howe. This is where we found the dishes that I had been looking for over the past number of years.
                                    The set that we found were made by Villeroy&Boch, as the manufacturer, they carried the entire line of this set.
                                    Shoppers that we are, we continued our search at other shops and we didn't really find anything, although Puddifoot had their sale on some dishes made by Nikko, that would have been a close second if the Villeroy&Boch line didn't work out.
                                    We ended up in the Oakridge Mall for lunch and stopped in The Bay. We had been to the Bay in Nanaimo about 3 times before but we didn't find anything that we liked then. The Vancouver Bay seemed to have dishes that the Nanaimo Bay didn’t have or showcase.
                                    The Bay so happened to have a sale on the Villeroy&Boch line we found earlier; at a quite good savings; 20% for the sale and a further 15% off on the day you opened an account.
                                    So, our intense long 2 day journey ended up splitting the sales between The Bay and Villeroy&Boch outlet for The Bay didn't have the entire line available to them, namely the large white charger plates 33 cm with the wide completely flat rim I wanted.
                                    We ordered (or we are in the process of ordering) Anmut (except where noted):
                                    12 ea 33 cm chargers;
                                    12 ea 27 cm Dinner plates;
                                    12 ea 22 cm Salad Plates;
                                    12 ea (Bloom) Deep Plate (Rim Soup bowls);
                                    12 ea (White Pearl) Individual bowl;
                                    And 8 ea (Home Elements) 14 oz. coffee mugs (these we brought home the rest will be delivered to us).

                                    Thanks folks for your help. Your assistance was very much appreciated and streamlined our hunt for these dishes!
                                    Best regards,

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                                    1. re: BCBrent

                                      glad it turned out well

                                      now we just want to see pix of your presentations on your new plates!

                                    2. I forgot to mention that the charger/33 cm plates will not fit in our dishwasher in height and the width interferes with the next row, so hand washing will be necessary with those.