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Aug 26, 2013 01:25 PM

Where to purchase large white dinner plates in Vancouver?

My wife and I are planning a trip to Vancouver solely to buy 12 new place settings.
I am after large "charger" style dinner plates in Bone China in white, as well as side plates and bowls etc.
Bosa Foods was one outlet that I find interesting, but where else would one go to select dishes, Bed, Bath and Beyond doesn't really have what I want.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Best regards,

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  1. I know nothing about chinaware except they hold my food :-)

    Kim-John was an institution, finally gave it up a few years ago :-(

    In that same part of the 'hood (S. Granville) there's Pottery Barn

    Puddifoot in Kerrisdale neighbourhood comes to mind.

    Atkinson's on W. 6th is another.

      1. I have bought such items at Puddifoots. They supply the restaurant industry as well. They often have a sale in Ocrober.

        1. I bought mine ("Great White" was the name) at Pottery Barn and have been happy. The nice thing is that this seems to be one of their standard styles so if you break or want to add pieces later they are available. They also ship to 90 countries according to their website.

          I know my father-in-law bought some at The Bay awhile back too.

          I know this probably isn't relevant for you but make sure you measure the depth of your cabinets to ensure you have room to store these large plates. They don't fit in alot of standard, big box shelving (or some dishwashers either!)

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            I think the brand my father in law bought at the Bay was Joseph Conran for Wedgewood (definately bone china)

          2. Atkinson's and Puddifoot are good bets. island girl's note about fitting in cupboards is apropos for sure. We built our cabinets to order to ensure that our large cheese platters would fit!