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Aug 26, 2013 12:56 PM

Wang's Kitchen in Raleigh

Picked up the newspaper this morning and found out Wang's Kitchen is doing authentic stuff again....

For those of you who don't know Wang's Kitchen, it's a take out/delivery place right next to Seoul Garden on Millbrook and Atlantic in Raleigh. They had done some authentic stuff in the past but perhaps some of the stuff were too hardcore for some and eventually they went back to their take out roots. Perhaps Captain J's success made them wanna try it again.

The left side of the ad basically states that they focus on Sichan/Yangzhou cuisines and introduce the 20+ year experience owner, 30+ year experience chef from Jiangsu and a Taiwanese chef. On weekdays they serve lunch specials and noodle dishes.

On the the right side they list a selection of their dishes
Vegetarian Roast Goose (made out of tofu)
Crispy Pork Intestines
Five spice Beef Shank
Yellow Squash with garlic
Spicy Beef Tripe

Seafood Soup with Fish Maw
Vegetable soup with Meatballs
Sour cabbage soup with sliced pork intestine
Sour cabbage soup with fish filets
Yangzhou Wonton Soup
Nori soup with fish meatballs

Beef noodle soup
beef noodle soup with clear broth
Stir fried udon noodles
Jia Jang Mien
Xia Men Rice noodles
Seafood noodle soup

spicy prawns
Fish with garlic sauce
Deep fried frog legs with chili sauce
Pan fried flounder
Baby clams with basil

Pork with crispy rice
Braised Lions head

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  1. I've never been able to figure out, is this Wang's connected to the one on Creedmoor and Lynn? Because, well, there aren't enough bad things to say about the one on Creedmoor. However, if they're completely separate operations I might give the Atlantic location a go. They regularly run coupons in the Valpack/Money Mailer/Money Saver envelopes.

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    1. re: rockycat

      No it's on Millbrook and Atlantic.

      I know Wang's kitchen is such a generic name...

      1. re: sierrarot328i

        Wow did a google search it seems Wang's Kitchen is to Chinese Food in Raleigh, as Ray's is to Pizza in New York in the 80's.

        1. re: chazzer

          Went there for lunch today. My wife had the Jade Tofu with Fish Filet lunch special ($8.95) and I had the beef noodle soup ($10.95)

          Food was not bad. Looks like Captain J's might be getting some competition!

          1. re: sierrarot328i

            Food will have to be pretty good to keep me from heading next door Seoul Garden!

      2. re: rockycat

        Anyone up for a mini chow-meetup this Sunday evening? I'd say limit to 10 people...

        1. re: sierrarot328i

          Me! DH is on a restricted diet right now so just one.

          1. re: TerryG

            A few picture updates:

            1. Vegetarian Goose. Made out of tofu, bamboo shoots and shiitake mushrooms. Vegetarian Carnivore.

            2. Hot and Sour soup and Spicy Beef and Tendons. Perhaps y'all should be educated for this dish. It's called "Husband and wife lung pieces" in Chinese.

            3. Fish Filets in wine sauce. A Shanghainese classic.

            4. Sweet and sour pork. A Cantonese classic. The owner calls this "Swallow Pork". I guess he doesn't want people to confuse with the typical sweet and sour pork.

            5. Lions Head. For $10.95 this is a steal!