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Aug 26, 2013 12:25 PM

Suburbs eating ? (Outside of Montreal or on route from Toronto)

Hello all,

I am driving to Montreal for Labour Day weekend and this is the first time I will be in the area with a car in a few years (normally I come in the winter and prefer not driving just in case!). Anyway, I am thinking now would be a good time to hit up areas outside of Montreal or areas that aren't easy to get to normally. Any particular suggestions? I searched on here but came up with some old threads on the suburbs.

I am going to APDC Apple Season on Sunday (set for dinner but might change to lunch) so likely will only have a few meals on Saturday. I don't really have anything planned at this point and will likely just hit up some casual places as I feel like the Sunday meal will be enough calories for a few weeks!

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  1. Shahi Palace for Indian in Pierrefonds, in the West Island. My fave dishes are cholay bhatura (chick pea stew with fluffy fried bread and salad) and chicken balti.

    1. The family-style Egyptian brunch at Coin Mechoui in Chateauguay is worth a trip if you're into that sort of food, too.

      Really fabulous. Only served on weekends, from 8:30 am-2 pm. Egyptian pita, ful medames, basturma, potatoes, omelette, falafel, hummous, cucumber/tomato/feta salad, French toast, mint tea, coffee.

      Check that the Mercier Bridge will be open first.

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        In general, the bridge has been free of construction since Aug 19 when the Montreal bound bridge deck replacement was completed.
        However, Transport Quebec often times has surprise light bulb replacements, hole repairs, ridiculous jersey barrier placement, etc.

      2. Shahi Palace is good but I would go down the street to Bombay Choupati for a Masala Dosa and Vindaloo/Curry plates. Aryana for Afghani across the street from Shahi is really really worth it too. I'm sure you have decent Indian in T.O. so go for Afghani, check the reviews for it online everyone praises Aryana.

        If you want a smoked meat fix forget about Schwartz and go to Delibees near the airport, much better.

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        1. re: JerkPork

          I wasn't super impressed with Aryana the one time I went. It was OK but nothing special. I guess I should give it another try but when I'm in the hood I hear the siren call of Shahi Palace and Afghan just won't do. ;-)

          1. re: kpzoo

            kpzoo what did you order? I've been meaning to write a review but haven't had the chance. IMO the apps are better than most of the mains. I think for mains it's all about the stewed lamb dishes only, the chicken was underwhelming (stewed breast) and the brochettes are OK but nothing outstanding. But those beef sambosas, leek dumplings and beef dumplings are what they are all about plus the lamb mains.

            1. re: JerkPork

              I had a chicken dish, so that might explain it. Maybe if I go back I'll just have a few different apps.

        2. If you are coming from the 20/401, stop by Pete's Smoke Meat on Ile Perrot just before getting on the Island. (It is next to the dairy queen.

          Also be careful of the photo radar just before on Ile Perrot.

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          1. re: ScoobySnacks20

            I would recommend Delibee's in Pointe-Claire over Pete's, but of course, that's just my opinion.

            1. re: MikeyMadness

              Thanks to both of you. I had heard about Pete's before, will look into both of those further. Will consider all the other recs too!

          2. It could be a good time to go to Marché Adonis and stock up on Lebanese treats as well as grabbing a shish taouk, or Marché Hawai which has different Asian groceries than one usually finds in TO (well, notably the Indonesian section as far as I know). We like to stop along the 401 at the Big Apple and grab an apple pie but that's about the only obvious culinary treat along the highway and maybe shouldn't even be called that. Apple picking would also be within the theme of the weekend, maybe at Mont St-Bruno or else I imagine there must be a lot of places near the APDC sugar shack. Les Jardins Sauvages could be another adventure to try while out in a car, about 45 minutes from Montreal.

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              Thanks for recs, turns out that there is a Marche Adonis in Mississauga now, I remember reading about it on the CH Ontario forums but i forgot about it until your post. I really want to get out to Les Jardins Sauvages at some point but unfortunately don't think I will have enough time. Will keep an eye out for fruit stands/orchards around APDC sugar shack area.