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Aug 26, 2013 12:14 PM

Jumbo Seafood Newton for dim sum?

Has anyone been to the Jumbo Seafood at Newton Center for dim sum lately? The search pulls up threads from years ago but nothing recent. Wondering if the food is passable?

Ever since our baby arrived, going to Chinatown for dim sum has become a logistical nightmare (driving, parking, waiting etc). I'm dying for Cantonese dim sum so am curious if Jumbo will satisfy my craving?

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  1. Our past few times at Jumbo in Newton have been dismal. I got takeout and not dim sum but imho the quality has gone way, way down.

    I always used to enjoy the dim sum at Green Tea on Eliot Street, even if they didn't have the salt and pepper silverfish. I haven't gone in the past couple of years though so I don't know if their quality is as good as the past.

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    1. re: Scruffy The Cat

      went to green tea about 2 weeks ago, 1st time in years.. Wasn't as good as i had recalled it being but we went at a really weird time when there was only 1 other table of people.

      1. re: hargau

        Hmm... Green Tea is a bit farther away from us. We are closer to newton/Waltham line.

        1. re: y2000k

          Hop on 128N and go to China Pearl Woburn.. Not boston quality but acceptable and a lot easier for driving/parking/waiting. I would only go on a sunday around 11ish..

      2. There have been positive dim sum posts about Chung-Shin Yuan on California Street, although I've not been myself

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        1. re: Science Chick

          We've been there BUT
          1) people start camping there like 15-30mins prior to opening. If you can't get in with the first sitting, it's a long wait, and
          2) they serve Taiwanese dim sum. I'm craving Cantonese style

          1. re: y2000k

            Then I would second Green Tea...really, it's just another 5 minutes down the road from Newton Center.

          2. re: Science Chick

            "Dim sum" is misleading, it's Taiwan brunch foods

          3. I can't recommend Jumbo or Green Tea as if you do love Cantonese Dimsum they won't be able to satisfy your craving but leave you with sense of emptiness.
            I know having a newborn is tough. But the only option I can think of is China Pearl in Quincy before 11:00 during weekend. You can probably get there within 30 minutes. Free and easy parking. Shopping at Kam Man afterwards.

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            1. re: sheila

              This is so depressing. Maybe we will make the drive to Chinatown after all. Thanks all!

            2. I say the hubby should drive to Chinatown, pick up and deliver the dim sum.

              1. Dim sum at Shanghai Gate in Allston is actually quite nice. Not a huge variety but it seems like they make everything in house.

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                1. re: fara

                  "Dim sum" is misleading, it's Taiwan brunch foods,

                  1. re: Luther

                    Chun Shing Yuan is definitely Taiwanese, as you commented above, but is Shanghai Gate also? Given the rest of their menu that seems odd.

                    1. re: Allstonian

                      Haha I copypasted. But yes the Shanghainese brunch they serve is very similar to Taiwanese brunch (with the inclusion of some Shanghai dishes like nian gao). These are in a separate clade from HK-style dim sum.

                      1. re: Luther

                        Fair enough - I tend to think of all of those (including the Taiwanese "dim sum") as "Northern style dim sum" as opposed to Cantonese style. I personally like them both and am happy to treat them as equivalent experiences with differing menus, but have known many people who reject any "dim sum" that doesn't include fluffy steamed bao, siu mai, and har gow.

                        1. re: Luther

                          One of my students in from an area about 1.5 hours from Shanghai. She asserts that the Shanghaiese food is quite distinct from the Taiwanese. BTW, she ADORES Shanghai Gate.

                          1. re: Science Chick

                            Ah ok. They call it dim sum on their menu and for people that just want something similar as brunch it works well. I like how all of their dough is made in house. Also the brunch items are all delicious and cheap.

                            1. re: Science Chick

                              Of course Shanghainese food is different than Taiwanese food. I didn't mean to imply otherwise. Relevant to this discussion, both Shanghai Gate and CSY (and Shangri-La) serve brunch with dishes like salty soy milk, fried dough (yu tiao), spring onion pastry, and chilled braised meats. These are all dishes that are breakfast and Chinese, but not dim sum.