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Aug 26, 2013 11:25 AM

Summer rolls longevity

How long can you keep summer rolls after assembly before they dry out? Is there a easy way to keep them fresh?

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  1. The lifespan is super short once they are made. I had success with lining a tupperware rectangle with plastic wrap i spritzed with water, layer of the rolls, layer of damp paper towels on and on and topped with damp paper towel and lid. We ate them within two hours and were fine. Any longer than four or so hours i suggest you make a mini batch and do a "trial run". The wrapping can get dried out or turn into a gummy gob.
    Another option could be to sub lettuce leaves and roll like a taco vs wrapped like a burrito, secure with either tied chives or pretty toothpick

    1. I do what my favorite vietnamese restaurant does, wrap individually in Saran Wrap....very tightly, then refrigerate. They keep 24hours this way, depending on moistness of ingredients.