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Aug 26, 2013 11:16 AM

Yountville - 4 days/4 nights help with restaurants

I will be spending 4 days and nights in Yountville and need some help with lunch and dinner suggestions. Potential itinerary below:

Arrive Monday
- Lunch at etoile
- Dinner at Lucy / Bouchon

- Lunch at Auberge du Soleil
- Dinner at Redd (for our anniversary)

- Undecided on lunch - might do picnic at Sequoia, also considering Brix
- Dinner at Mustards Grill / Bottega (have been to Bottega, was a bit disappointed but may have been what I ordered)

- Undecided on lunch - perhaps Redd Wood
- Dinner at Ad Hoc (have been there and loved it)

I have also beent o Bistro Jeanty - I liked it but it doesn't stand out in my mind so I don't think I'll go back. Any feedback is appreciated!

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  1. Hello Lauren....I think you are right on with Redd as your anniversary dinner. And, I think you will enjoy Mustards more than Bottega. Will you have a car? If so, I'm curious why you are limited to Yountville. Sounds like you might have a car since Mustards is in the mix. Any particular reason why you have to be in Yountville? Enjoy yourselves.

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      Thanks! We will have a driver on Tuesday all day and for the afternoon on Wednesday but otherwise we will need to be within walking distance or take cabs!