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Aug 26, 2013 09:49 AM

La Torta Gorda on 24th St. - San Francisco

I think the last time I posted about Torta Gorda was in 2007:

And until yesterday, I don't think I'd actually been back. I ended up here for brunch yesterday, and it was a great place to spend the morning. Service wasn't quick, but it was very was busy both inside the restaurant and in the shaded back patio where we were sitting. On a sunny Sunday, the patio was really pleasant.

The berry smoothie for $4.95 is huge and big enough to share between 2 or 3 people. Dairy-free, it seemed to be made w/ a variety of berries as well as fresh OJ. Coffee was nothing special, but decent. A dining companion's drink of espresso/chocolate/banana was excellent.

I split two tortas: chorizo and egg, and Hawaiian. The small-sized portion (for $7 or so, I think) is definitely big enough for brunch, and I liked both tortas. On the Hawaiian, I was expecting slices of pineapple, but it was instead little chunks, which didn't work that well. But despite this complaint, it was a good sandwich. The chorizo and egg was messy, but really good.

They have a variety of other menu items, including soups, full Mexican breakfasts, mole, chilaquiles (which I have heard are only OK), and lots of tortas.

Definitely a place I'd recommend if you're planning to be in that neighborhood (whether as a visitor or as someone who lives in the city), especially on a nice day when the patio is open.

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  1. They have very good chiles en nogada, but it's a seasonal dish. Should be available in the fall and through Christmas.

    1. I really like the food, service, and patio at La Torta Gorda. I do wish they had beer/wine though!

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