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Aug 26, 2013 09:46 AM

Fatrice Closed Today :( Where should we have our Last Dinner in Chicago?

It's our last dinner in Chicago, had hoped to check out Fat Rice, not realizing it was closed, and would love any Last Meal in Chicago suggestions! We loved Lula Cafe and Bristol and Nuevo Leon + Birreiria Reyes in Pilsen. Japanese probably dicey -- I lived in Tokyo for too many years and am picky.

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  1. How about Au Cheval or Little Goat?
    Monday's should be easier to get tables and they are great.

    If you're really looking for Asian (exlusing JP) maybe Belly Q, Le Colonial (Viet/FR), or jump on the Red line up to Argyle street for Thai.

    OK, one more edit. I know you said you lived in Tokyo, but maybe you want something that may be close. Sumi Robata Bar is very good, I've been to Tokyo a couple times in the last couple years and it seems pretty authentic.

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      THank you!!! I think we're going to give Au Cheval a try :)