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Aug 26, 2013 08:27 AM

Ole Ole in Suffern-Long Wait for Food & Don't Expect all Leftovers

On Saturday night, we went to Ole Ole for the 1st time with another family. We all agreed the food was good. But we waited too long for our appetizers to arrive. So, we all ate too much chips and salsa while waiting. Both the chips and the salsa were good. The salsa was medium-spiced.

Since I filled up on chips and an appetizer of chicken & artichoke empanadas (3 very large, tasty, crunchy empanadas), I did not touch my Mexican rice or refried beans. My Seafood Burra was delicious with fresh shrimp and scallops, but was also too large to finish. My husband enjoyed his steak fajitas, but had about half leftover. So we asked to take all leftovers home.

When I opened up the Styrofoam containers, I was sad to see that none of my refried beans were packed? I had only eaten one forkful. Why would the main dish and the rice be packed, and not the refried beans? I am so disappointed. It sounds silly, however, all my leftovers would have made another meal at home. I am upset, since I said that I wanted everything to go. Coupled with the long wait for our appetizers, they lost us and our friends as customers, since there are a few other, good, Mexican restaurants in Suffern to choose from.

So, good food, expect a long wait for food, and don't expect to get all your leftovers.

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  1. So, everything was delicious? You had all the salsa and chips that you wanted while you waited, but because you waited a bit too long for the appetizers and someone forget to scrape 25 cents worth of beans into your container, you post a negative review and state that you'll never return? How long was the wait? Did any one approach you while you waited to inform you about the appetizers? Otherwise, how was the service? As you said, your reaction does sound silly.

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      Leslie, sometimes it's difficult to put the whole experience into words, so let me say that it's just not 25 cents worth of beans which has made me decide to not go back. The wait for appetizers was at least a half hour or more, and no one came to inform us. Our drinks also took long considering we were seated near the bar, and neither the bar or the restaurant was busy. There were a few tables, but no one was sitting at the bar, and the drinks took easily 15 minutes. We ate the salsa and chips as this was the only thing to do while we caught up with our friends. Service during the meal was okay as the waiter did come by to see if everything was okay. It's just that when a restaurant is not busy, I don't think it should take so long for appetizers and drinks. Plus, not getting everything packed up, well there are other good Mexican restaurants nearby to choose. Tequila Sal y Limon for example is next door. We've found that the service and the food is wonderful.