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Aug 26, 2013 08:13 AM

Kosher catering [Staten Island]

Hi all! I am probably booking my wedding at the Vanderbilt in Staten Island and they use Dear and Delicious kosher catering (d and d). I am unsure about these caterers because I can't find any reviews on them. I would really appreciate any reviews on their work.

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  1. Are you allowed to bring in another kosher caterer?

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    1. re: smilingal

      Yes but this is the one they normally work with. Do you have any suggestions and ideas of normal pricing for out side glatt kosher caterers?

      1. re: Drabin

        yes - you can call Marc Aaron Glatt Kosher Caterers - they travel all over - very good - ask to speak with Steve. When is your wedding?

    2. D&D do a good job. I have been to many affairs that they have done. Food was nice.