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No Name restaurant

Anyone have any recent experiences here?

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  1. Haven't been in a year but it gets good reviews from a regular poster on another site who goes on a regular basis.

    1. Went in May/June for the first time and will not be returning. Lobster was overcooked, pie was cold and fried fish sandwich boring without sides. It wasn't worth the money.

      1. I haven't been recently because the 2-3 times I've been there over the years, it wasn't good. The only reason I went back after the 1st time was in the hope I had hit
        a bad night.

        1. Last visit was about a year ago. Chowder was awesome. Everything else was meh.

          1. I like their thin milky chowder a lot. But not much else.

            Admittedly I haven't been in at least a year.

            But the last time I went the food was pretty much the same as the first time I went in 1980.

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              I go once or twice a year, order the chowder and iced tea. Never anything else.

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                I loved it the first time I went around 1975, 76...Not worth it since then....

              2. Boston NoName? A tourist trap. Avoid

                1. Haven't gone in years, but I had the exact same take: quite liked the seafood chowder, thought everything else was not so good. So many better seafood restaurants in town these days.

                  Found this old recipe for the chowder: http://www.familycookbookproject.com/... Interesting.


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                    evaporated milk - that makes sense. Thanks!

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                      Same here, the last time I was there, it was a bowl of chowder, that's it.

                    2. Awful! It's too bad. At one time their food was good. A long, long time ago.

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                        Has their food actually gotten worse, or have your taste buds gotten more discerning ? I went there about 20 some odd years ago and remember it being decent; I am sure if I had the same exact meal today I'd be less charitable. Back then the options for seafood were a lot more limited than they are now.

                      2. I haven't been in many, many years, but remember the food as basically "fresh fish cooked plainly." That can be fine. I don't know how much it has changed.

                        1. thougth I'd let you all know how it went. 2 broiled scrod, pronounced excellent, 2 fish and chips also excellent all of these dishes were $8.95 at lunch with fries and slaw, a bargain! One special of the day a sauteed seafood medley of fish, shrimp, calamari and scallops in a wine sauce over rice with brocolli was just what my daughter wanted and delicious. $12.95. only dissapointment of the day was my fried scallops, they were bay instead of sea. My daughters dish had sea scallops, shame on me should have asked. just ok. this was a late lunch (2pm) with 3 glasses of wine, and 6 or so beers split among the group of 6, total bill w/o tip $150.

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                            Getting out of the Seaport for $30/head for lunch with drinks is no small accomplishment. Glad you enjoyed it!