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Aug 26, 2013 06:28 AM

Blue Crab Grill, Newark DE

Went to visit the inlaws yesterday in Newark, and they took us to Blue Crab Grill for an early dinner. (thank goodness, the initial idea was for applebees. UGH) There was a local band just finishing up as we arrived - they were very good, but it was a little loud for the inlaws. I guess they were playing for the brunch crowd.

We had a lovely meal - they were very willing to accommodate my MIL's "no garlic" request. Let's see.. what did we have...
August is Shrimp month, DH and I ordered from that menu.
mine: Garlic shrimp and cheesy grits - the grits were just cheesy enough, and the shrimp were perfectly cooked.
DH: Spicy Shrimp gumbo - which they kicked up a notch for him. He loved it, ate the broth with a spoon, then cleaned the bowl with a heel of bread.
SIL: Seafood Bouille - looked lovely and she was very happy. This had mussels, scallops, a lobster tail in a creamy garlic sauce with a huge hunk of bread in the bottom to soak up the juices.
MIL: had a cod dish that must have been on the specials menu, because I don't see it on their online menu.
FIL: also must have had a special - he had swordfish.

Anyway, the fish was all very fresh tasting and well prepared. The house veggies that accompanied the entrees looked, seasonal, fresh and well cooked. They have a nice selection of craft beers. I had a Sam Smith hard cider. Very nice, not as dry as some UK ciders, not as sweet as US ciders. it was juuuusssttt right. ;) I did not look at the wine list, and we skipped dessert. It's definitely on my list for a return visit!

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  1. On-line menu looks interesting. I didn't even know this place existed. How were the prices?

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      the shrimp specials were $18 each. I'm not sure about the others. Apps were in the 5-8 range. portions were nice sized, not outrageously big (or small). I think I had about 8 good sized shrimp. DH's gumbo had huge chunks of sausage, a good number of shrimp...

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        Sounds good - thanks. Will give it a try real soon.

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          Went for lunch on Friday and it was good enough to go back for dinner yesterday (also because they gave us a cert for 1/2 off entree only good for the one day). The only downer was the trip over there from Kennett due to having to nav around the schroomfest and the parade of UD students in downtown Newark (Why aren't these kids in class?)

          As to lunch, I was craving an oyster po boy but the only one on the menu was a Baltimore which included bacon, spinach and Vermont cheddar cheese. The server assured me they would make whatever I wanted so I had them lose the spinach and cheese. What arrived was not a traditional N.O. pb - rather it came on a lightly toasted kaiser roll. Four good sized oysters took up the whole roll and the bacon hung over the side. With some house made tarter sauce it was delish. The skin-on steak fries were large, and crisp on the outside and soft inside. Cole slaw was forgetable. Wife had crab cke platter, well priced at $12. Cake, she said, was "crab - not filler". Salad was termed "wonderfull". (Can salad really be wonderfull?) Veggies were good, high quality, lightly cooked and "hot" (in the temperature sense).

          Dinner - we shared a special app of smoked fish ($14) which should have been labeled for two because it was huge. Baseball sized portion of cream cheese with capers, surrounded by cold smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, smoked white fish, small scollops, mussels, shrimp, diced red onions & tomatoes. Main I had seafood bouille. As described in op, it too was huge. Lovely creaqm sauce I wish I had room to soak up with bread but just could't. She went with Scollops (6 large) over risotto and once again was more than well pleased. No room for dessert.

          Drinks - modest wine list with most glasses $5-$7 - nothing to write home about. Very good craft beer list, both on tap and bottles including some 22 oz's.

          Overall,well worth a reurn trip - maybe for Sunday brunch when all of the UD's will be in church. Sorry for the lengthy blurb but not often I've had this good a meal in Wil/Nwk.