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Aug 26, 2013 01:06 AM

SD Dish of the Month - September 2013 [Salad]

As you may (or more likely, may not) know, Dish of the Month Uber-Dictator CSTR has declared me winner of the hard-fought bidding contest for the position of DotM Sous-Dictator for September, October, and November, 2013.

[People look at one another perplexed. Low-level murmuring]

It was an exhausting campaign, but somehow I prevailed. To all my financial backers and donors, and my Mom, a big thank you.

[Groans can be heard]

Sooo...I humbly accept!

[Polite applause mixed with a scattering of boos in the background]

For September, the Dish of the Month is....

[Drum rolls. Crowd grows very still.]


[Loud applause and cheering]

Any kind of prepared (as opposed to build-your-own) restaurant salad is fair game; Greek, Nicoise, Ceaser, Papaya, Crab Louie, Cobb...

[Shouts of "Whatever!!" interrupt]

[Crowd escalates into hysterical rapture and raucous revelry]

No fair starting before it’s actually September, though!

[Loud boos and hisses followed by murmuring, dying down as people walk out]

Have fun!

[The Sous-Dictator waves to an empty room]

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  1. Nice! Great FN a run for his money in humor.

    1. [Groans can be heard], This was FN.

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      1. Terrible idea for a Dish of the Month. It's probably not too late to "toss" it.

        Puns 1, Salads 0

        Someone had to...

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            1. re: Stiflers_Mom

              I'm getting dressed up for this one...

            2. But seriously, folks...

              I appreciate the choice, and already have the Perfect Candidate.

              I assume as long as I don't write about it in August, it's fair game.

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              1. re: Fake Name

                Hmmmm...let me check the rulebook.

                Page 273, it says here....hmmmm...

                Yep, looks like that's legit. I say go for it, FN!

              2. I guess I won't be disappointed as the regular Chowhounds fulfill their monthly dish of the month recs with the cry: "Lettuce Entertain You!"...<smirk>

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                1. re: LisaSD

                  Yes, and in case there are any quarrels, someone can always jump in and say "Lettuce Have Peas!" <smirk, smirk>