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Aug 26, 2013 12:01 AM

Latest (changing) Ice Cream Flavors at Toscanini, JPLicks etc.

Toscanini's has had a divine Orange Cardamom Saffron (much like Kulfi w/o pistachios) and Orange Chocolate and Earl Grey and Killer Espresso.

JPLicks has Passion Fruit X this month, and Peach Ice Cream.

Plse add great flavors as you see them become available.

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  1. Tosci: blueberry lemon, supercake, chocomel, almond amaretto, turkish mocha, raspberry, nilla nutter

    1. Tosci's had an "oatmeal" flavor and a "pancake" flavor; I only tried the pancake, but it tasted like maple.

      By the way, if you check out their twitter feed, they started tweeting a daily photo of their flavor board.

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        1. re: Prav

          thx so much for that info but i'll be darned if I can read the left board and some of the others! and are they making creamsicles now? I can't see that far right illustration.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Plus also the day I went they had a lot more flavors than what their fb page had, so it's not totally reliable.

            1. re: saria

              Yeah, it's almost comical how awful the photos are. I think they're taken with a potato.

              1. re: Prav

                Considering that we were bitching on chowhound 6 months ago about how we didn't know what flavors they had and I suggested that they put up a webcam -- and in response, they put up their best effort to post the flavors of the day, this is kind of cool how we've helped to shape their business.


                1. re: yarm

                  It's true :) I'm happy it's there. The illegible flavors in the corners of the pictures - their mystery is what makes me come in, because maybe it's something amazing and illegible.

        2. They had a fluffernutter flavor, an Ovaltine, and a burnt marshmallow as well the other day.
          I tried the saffron orange one the other day as it sounded great, but I found it way too sweet. Same with oatmeal.
          So I got the Earl Grey because I had read it's one of their great flavors. It was good, but sweeter and richer than I had hoped and just not something I would get again. I wanted it to be milkier and cleaner in flavor. I think Toscanini's is not for me because all the ice cream I've had ends up being too rich and none of the flavors are ones I remember really loving. :(

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          1. re: saria

            I agree !!! The saffron orange was overly sweet& the cardamom was too prevalent .( not " divine " in my book)
            Christina's kulfi is much more well balanced , in our opinion.
            We like Christina's 85/15 to Toscaninis
            ( full disclosure - we are personal friends with Gus ( Toscanini owner) & tell him such ( as I've said!) to his face.- - !!!!))

            1. re: saria

              if you haven't tried it, you might enjoy the asian inspired fro yo at Mixx>>generally clean and tart.

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                Mmmm, and they always seem to have Taro, my favorite. altho I LOVE their plain, too...

                1. re: galleygirl

                  Ooh, taro! Now that might make me go.

                  1. re: saria

                    Yes, the taro yogurt at Mixx is excellent. I usually get a little bit of two flavors, and taro is almost always one of the two.

                    Mixx is also better than many of the other fro-yo bars in the quality of their toppings - the fresh fruit always seems to be fresh and ripe, and the mochi is always soft and fresh as well (I've had some horrid little pencil erasers being passed off as mochi at other places.)

                  2. re: galleygirl

                    taro and lychee hmmmmm.

                    btw, if you love taro, fyi i bought a big foil pak bag of taro powder from one of the 99 Food Court vendors, and i use it to make quick easy smoothies :-}

                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                      I love taro anything, especially plain boiled from shabu shabu restaurants. The Taro froyo at Mixx is mild and sweet, and tastes delightfully similar to leftover cereal milk, and is awesome with some Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles thrown on top.

                      1. re: opinionatedchef

                        Ooooh, I love taro - and I've just gotten into making smoothies. The thought of being able to make a taro smoothie is irresistible. Do you remember which vendor you bought the powder from?

                        1. re: peelmeagrape

                          The women working at the bubble tea? beverage stand to the right of our banh mi place, pho viet. i just asked if i could buy it from them and they sold it (approx $22/26 for a big bag). I THINK it's the same brand i saw used for the Mixx froyo. you can also buy it online. contact me via my member profile if you need more info.

                          prav, love your flavor analogy.i know just what you mean.

                    2. re: opinionatedchef

                      Thanks for this rec. I tried it out today and it was great. The lychee and original were my favorites. The green tea was good, but mild, and the taro was pleasant enough but mostly sweet and mild. Loved the coconut mochi!

                      1. re: saria

                        my pleasure,sari. i learned about Mixx from CHs jenny o and allstonian a few yrs ago.In all these yrs., my v fav CH tip so far! We live far from Mixx and never would have known about it otherwise!

                  3. Rancatore's in Lexington had some neat flavors on the board tonight: Thai Peanut (supposed to have a kick of cayenne but I didn't taste any) and Saffron something, with Indian spices and pistachio, among other stuff. Also Blueberry, Raspberry cream, Bourbon Butter Pecan and lots of other yummy stuff such as their divine Bittersweet Chocolate. Not sure if Belmont has the same flavors or how often flavors change out.