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Aug 25, 2013 10:28 PM


Where is best place to get lox ? Preferably Southbay or westside. Thx

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  1. Not cheap by any means but the quality at both Barney Greengrass in Barney's Beverly Hills and at Petrossian on Robertson in WeHo is hard to beat. Most decent Jewish delis will also offer a decent lox for sale and some of the good ones might even let you take a taste to see if you like it. Also, some of the better wine/gourmet stores, like Wally's will often have a small selection of smoked salmon on hand.

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      It is so damn expensive, but I am addicted to the combo lox and sturgeon sandwich at Barney Greenglass. Sigh. At least it is a pleasant room for a late afternoon lunch and the iced tea and soups are also great.

      1. re: omotosando

        I almost never post, but I had to agree with you and everyone above about Barney Greenglass and particularly the sturgeon. It's like jewish hamachi.

    2. Barney Greengrass is probably the best around. For a reasonably priced lox, the smoked salmon at Costco actually is quite good an is about 1/3 the price of what you would pay at a Jewish deli (and a fraction of Barney Greengrass or Petrossian).

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        Agree with both Barney Greengrass and Costco.

      2. Costo has good quality packaged lox a fair price. Lenny's Deli (formerly Juniors) on Westwood Blvd has 3 different kinds - very good, so does Cantor's on Fairfax.

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          not a big fan of cantors for everything there but we have gotten some nice thin fresh sliced lox with the appealing (to me) fat stripes that cover a bagel quite nicely. bagel broker right around the corner.

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            of course the best lox comes from the fat belly of the King Salmon. The lox from other species of salmon such as Coho is not as fatty and much less flavorful.

        2. I've become a big fan of Jons Market in Studio City/Valley Village. Since many of their customers are East European, they carry an interesting selection of locally made salami and cold cuts.

          They carry Seven Seas lox—a 1 lb. package costs about $15. I prefer it to Costco's—seems silkier.
          there are other locations closer to you but not sure if all have the same inventory.

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            Thanks for the suggestion about Seven Seas. Maybe Surfas in Culver City might carry it.

          2. Smart and Final-the bigger stores (superstores) tend to carry a better selection of package sizes and variety.