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Aug 25, 2013 08:58 PM

Early Morning Take Out Dim Sum

I need to pick up around $100-$150 worth of dim sum in Chinatown next Sunday morning at around 9am for a group breakfast. Do any of you Chowhounders know of a place where I could do this? I'm thinking a bakery that sells dim sum would probably work pretty well for this.

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  1. Lucky King Bakery on Grand St (between Forsyth and Eldridge Streets) sells dim sum at the back counters. They have a good variety though I'm not sure if they have a lot that early. Some of the larger dim sum restaurants (like the ones on Mott Street between Canal and Hester) also have a to go counter so you can try them as well.

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      Love this place- I'm not sure the right name but they have these little green tea fried mochi with a black sesame filling that are cravable- haven't seen at any other bakery, they sell 3 on a plate for $2.

    2. I would field a call to Harmony Palace....I believe they open at 9am and you could probably pre0order in advance.

      1. Try Dim Sum Go Go as well - for large orders they can just send you the dim sum by car service (which runs around $20)

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          How early can I order it at DSGG? Will try this, coming Friday

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              Ouch: that's early afternoon to me. :-)

        2. Hop Shing will definitely have a large selection of dim sum available for takeout at 9am on a Sunday.

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            I second Hop Shing, they are known for their takeout dim sum.

            OOOPS, the OP already went to Lucky King. I've never tried Lucky King

          2. Thanks all! I ended up at Lucky King Bakery, and they had plenty of dim sum for takeout at ~8:30am when I showed up. They were quite happy to accommodate my large order and the prices were quite fair. I didn't have the chance to sample any of the food myself, but the group of people I brought it for seemed happy to devour it.

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              Glad it worked out for you! When you return seriously try the funny green balls i mentioned before. Their rice noodle dim sum is a good one too.