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Aug 25, 2013 07:47 PM

Natural casing franks / wieners in Austin?

Recently moved to Austin. I have not seen them at my lcl HEB. Any ideas? Many thanks

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  1. Boars Head (beef and beef+pork) in the deli department of most HEB's (not stocked near the other hot dogs). Wzsr(sp?) reports that there is a brand or two available at Sprouts but I haven't seen them at my local store. Also, Restaurant Depot sells 10lb cases of Vienna N/C's for about $44.

    My current quest is to find natural casing breakfast sausages. Costco is the only place I know of that sells them but I don't need that many and the default packaging does not freeze well.


    1. search the archives for this question. It's come up before. Can't buying kosher dogs accomplish this?

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        Being kosher certified does not mean they have natural casings. In fact, since natural csaings are made from organs (intestines), then I'm not sure they're kosher at all <shrug>.


      2. I've been buying Applegate natural uncured hot dogs lately, which really pack some great flavor IMHO. I just looked at their site; it turns out that they ones I've been buying are casing-free, but their Big Apple dogs have a natural lamb casing.

        HEB/WF/CM carry Applegate... I know the standard dogs are available at all three, will keep an eye out for the Big Apples. Worth a try.

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          I've done quite a bit of research on this subject as I am tired of paying a fortune in shipping to have them shipped in from Wisconsin. Aside from Boars Head, I have not found a single natural casing hot dog except at the Arboretum Sprouts. Once I found Nathan's Natural Casing dogs at that store. They also had skinless Nathans. I've checked since then and they only had skinless Nathans. Last week I asked Austin in the meat department if they could order some and they did. Wednesday they had them on the shelf and I bought five packages.

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            Found aforementioned Applegate Big Apple dogs at the downtown WF today. Packaging confirms lamb casing. Haven't had a chance to fry one up and do a taste test yet, but figured I'd go ahead and pass on the info...

            1. re: popvulture

              Finally got around to cooking them – they're quite tasty. They remind me a lot of Nathan's. I cooked them on a cast iron griddle, and the casing blisters nicely. Good snap, all that jazz.

              I can't say for sure since I don't have both in front of me, but I think I might prefer the regular Applegate uncured dogs, as they have a porkiness that I haven't had with other brands/kinds. The Big Apple dogs taste great, but are more classically "hot-doggy," if that makes sense.

              Another important note: the Big Apples are actually linked together, so be careful removing them from the package, as they can break if (like I experienced) you try to take them out individually.

        2. Thanks to all.
          I shall check Sprouts in the Arboretum. I'm not far from there and will look in the Deli section at HEB.

          1. The original comment has been removed