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Aug 25, 2013 07:43 PM

Annual pilgrimage to Nebraska - need recommendations in Omaha for a Thursday and Sunday Evening

We will be in Nebraska in September to visit family. We will be flying in and out of Omaha and dinning on Thursday and Sunday evening. We are looking for great, inventive food that focuses on local sourcing (if possible). Anything new that should not be missed or an 'old' standard should be considered? What is trending? Where are the Omaha foodies eating? Last year we enjoyed a great casual dinner at Nicola's.

Thursday evening we are looking for something upscale in the downtown area. We have great meals at the Boiler Room and last year had planned on going to the Grey Plume but travel delays trashed that opportunity. We are intrigued by press regarding Dolce. Other thoughts? No steak houses please as we will have plenty of steak while away from Omaha.

Sunday looks like it could be challenging. The good news we are coming into Omaha from the west and staying downtown (Old Market area) so can stop almost anywhere in the greater Omaha area. Suggestions?

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  1. Whenever I go to Omaha I stop in at Jaipur in Rockbrook village. They have an extensive Indian and fusion menu and it is pretty darn good (I'm a Brit and I know good Indian food) if perhaps rather more expensive than most Indian restos. They also brew their own beer and they also do a good job of that.

    1. Plank is a new seafood place in the Old Market (La Buvette's another choice) that has all day happy hour on Sundays. I think. Pretty good food and a great selection of fresh oysters if you're into that.

      You'd probably like Lot 2 in Benson. Get reservations, though.

      Twisted Cork (not Twisted Fork, which is in the Old Market) is out west (102-ish and Pacific, in a strip mall) that does a nice job.

      Amazing Korean at Korean Grill in Bellevue.