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Aug 25, 2013 07:38 PM

ISO champagne grapes

hi hounds,

i was @ a zehrs in barrie this past weekend (heading up to a friend's cottage) and stumbled upon a pack of champagne grapes. they're delicious, and more importantly... my somewhat picky toddler loves them.

has anyone seen them in GTA? preferably in etobicoke/west end?


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  1. Saw them yesterday at the Loblaww at Yonge and York Mills, so I assume most stores will carry them.

    1. Costco has a 2lb clamshell for only 4.49 ... By far the best deal and juiciest one I've found in GTA west

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      1. re: Nevy

        WOAH! awesome! gonna check that out ASAP!


      2. I've bought them every year at Longo's.
        However, I stumbled upon them at Walmart (in Maple) for $2.50/container. Don't remember the container size, we finished all within 10-min.

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        1. re: knusprig

          wow! nothing at the longos @ york mills/leslie or in missisauga. heading to costco tomorrow!

          1. re: lilaki

            You must have missed them at York Mills/Leslie the past 2 years since I bought there. They grapes were not packaged. They were in open tray and patrons could take whatever quantity which could lead to improper handling.
            I have not seen the grapes at this location this year but I'm still trying to familiarize myself with the new shelf set-up or produce placements.