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Aug 25, 2013 06:03 PM

Chinese Rice Rolls (Cheung Fun)

I tried making homemade cheung fun once after being inspired by my favorite dim sum restaurants, but it didn't turn out. I used pretty basic ingredients, but the flavor of the rolls was off. Is grinding your own rice necessary to achieve good cheung fun, or can rice flour suffice? Also, I've heard that borax powder helps enhance the texture of cheung fun. Have any of you experimented with it or know if it really affects it?


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  1. I fixed these in an Asian dumpling class a few months ago. Unfortunately we're traveling for a few more days. Could you elaborate on exactly what you did? No, you definitely don't need to grind your own rice. What was your exact recipe for the dumpling?

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      I didn't end up copying the recipe I used, but it was from Andrea Nguyen's "Asian Dumplings" cookbook. I think the noodles were made up mostly of water, rice flour, and salt, although there could have been a few more ingredients that I'm forgetting. The recipe I followed simply told me to mix the ingredients and cook the dough in disposable tin pans over simmering water.

      1. re: georgeeric999

        Well, she's who I took the class from and used her recipe so don't know why yours didn't turn out. But if you didn't keep the recipe then I guess the question is moot anyway. Sorry.

        1. re: c oliver

          I probably messed up the recipe then. Do you have any tips for the next time I try making it?

          1. re: georgeeric999

            Since you no longer have the recipe, not sure the point. But Ms. Nguyen's instructions are, IMO, always correct. So if you get the recipe again, just follow it.