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Aug 25, 2013 05:32 PM

vegetarian in PEI

hi all, my friends and i are heading to PEI for a trip very soon. we are staying in cymbria (near cavendish and rusticoville) and are wondering where we can get some good eats. we will have a car so suggestions for anywhere on the island would be great. i am vegetarian so would love to hear more about places that are veg friendly.

also, on the drive to cymbria from the moncton bridge, we are hoping to stop somewhere along the way for dinner.. any suggestions?

and finally, where can we find a grocery store near where we are staying?

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  1. Well not far from Cymbria in Brackley is The Dunes one of my favourite spots in PEI
    who always have veggie offers

    and Charlotte town is only 20 minutes away from where you are going to be
    Formosa Tea house is and odd little vegetarian Chinese restaurant

    and in Charlottetown is where you will find full sevice Superstores and Sobeys for your grocery needs