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Photo shoot worthy restaurants

Kind of random request. I am looking for restaurants with cool interiors that would make great backdrops for photo shoots- fashion/lifestyle photo shoots. To make this even harder I'm looking within a 20 mile radius of Pomona-
And thanks ahead of time for your suggestions!

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  1. Ortolan. Don't know what they've done to the space, but it looked pretty cool.

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    1. re: foodiemahoodie

      Pretty sure that space is not 20 miles of Pomona.

    2. If you could extend to about 30, Cicada in DTLA. Otherwise, the Langham in Pasadena is just about 20 miles as are some of the nicer (decorwise) Chinese restaurants in the SGV.

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        Yeah for complicated reasons Dtla is a bit too far but thanks

      2. Ditch the distance parameter & go to Chi Lin. You're not gonna find anything that gorgeous within a stones throw of Pomona....

        1. Would the Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside work?

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          1. Anywhere somewhat kitschy is cool-vintage vibes or themes restaurants welcome

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              1. What about that Mining Company place overlooking the freeway? Is Espiau's still in Claremont? Maybe Geezers in Norwalk?

                1. While it will just squeak in under the wire, geographically speaking, the interior of The Cellar http://www.cellardining.com/ in Fullerton would definitely qualify.

                  1. For Old School Route 66 style, Sycamore Inn or Magic lamp Inn in Rancho Cucamonga?

                    The Buffalo Inn in Upland.