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Aug 25, 2013 04:18 PM

Paris 11e

With apologies for my gaffe at am starting this new thread.

I'll be staying in the 11e, the closest flat I could find to Le Marais to suit my needs. Anyone want to suggest a local place or two - I'm usually looking for regionally typical, homestyle, relaxed, a few great choices to just ease into and go back once or twice. Closest metro is St Ambroise or Richard Lenoir.

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  1. The 11th is culinary heaven these days and has gotten a lot of comments on this Board (I think Parnassien summarized the Oberkampf scene very well recently) but I'm not sure if what I think is relaxed is regionally typical and homestyle like you're looking for.
    Au Passage is probably the most relaxed place I can think of and while they've taken some dings here, Villaret & Repaire de Cartouche are sort of homestyle. But while places like Pierre Sang Boyer aka Pierre Sang in Oberkampf or Septime or 6 Paul Bert or the Auberge Flora don't really meet your regionally typical, homestyle criteria, I wouldn't write them off. Maybe also Ober-Sale which Parnassien has characterized as underappreciated or somesuch.

    1. In July, I spent 9 days in the 11eme near metro St. ambroise and loved the area. Some of my faves:
      -Marché d'Aligre: especially the seafood stand (indoors) with octopus salad and other yummy items picked up for a picnic at the nearby Canal St. martin.
      -Richard Lenoir Market
      -Popincourt market on Tue + Fri mornings
      -bread & croissant beurre at Maison Landemaine
      -Aux Deux Amis- drinks & food
      -for crepes: West Country Girl is a low key neighborhood delight

      1. Thanks so much for these recommendations. I'll check them all out online and make some decisions. :)

        1. I was probably one of those John was commenting on, stayed just off Republique in early July. This board was very helpful in finding us good places to eat in the neighborhood. The area was very convenient for walking or taking the metro to all the tourist venues, without being overly touristy or expensive.

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