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Aug 25, 2013 03:57 PM

Tea Party Ideas... Suggestions needed.

My niece is turning seven and her mother is doing an alice in wonderland themed party. There are are going to be a LOT of adults there so it has to be kid and adult friendly. I have been asked to help cook. I am excited about tea sandwiches, and she will do the desserts so i am not worried about those. There are tons of ideas on the internet for tea sandwiches but i realistically cant try them all out before. So looking for recommendations. I am finally going to get to make a smorbord. I do have lots of ideas for the kids, but im interested in feeding the adults. Any special things you can guide me towards other than finger sandwiches, small desserts and scones?

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  1. My daughter had a tea party for her 7th birthday a few months ago. The menu was:

    Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches
    PB&J sandwiches (after making sure no one was allergic)
    Chicken salad sandwiches
    Mini banana chocolate chip muffins
    Mini vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting (in lieu of a bday cake)
    Mini fruit skewers (grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew, using 4" skewers)
    Iced tea and apple juice to drink

    I made everything except for the Madelines which I bought at Costco. I made the muffins the day before, and cut the fruit and made the chicken salad the morning of. I kept the chicken salad simple - poached chicken breast, salt, pepper and mayo, because many kids that age don't like nuts, grapes, etc in their chicken salad! I assembled the sandwiches and skewers with my sis in law's help about 90 minutes before the party and wrapped the platters with saran wrap so they would be fresh.

    1. Did you want foods that are theme related? If not, finger foods other than tea sandwiches...

      prosciutto wrapped grissini:

      Or a low brow version:

      gougeres (can be filled but a great plain). I really like this recipe:

      smoked salmon mousse--can be put on cucumber, endive, crackers, mixed w/ deviled eggs. This is super easy because it can be made a day in advance, put in a zip lock bag. Just cut the tip off to top.

      1. Devilled Eggs - plain fillings or w/ chopped shrimp or ham

        Egg salad sandwiches

        Caprese salad on a stick (mozzarella, basil, cherry tomato, balsamic vinegar), skewered.

        Tortilla or flatbread rollups, cut into spirals. Make the day before (cream cheese, thin sliced meat, roll up), and wrap each one in plastic wrap to keep them tightly rolled. Slice and lay spirals flat to serve.

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          I'd go with this---simple and satisfying--all day.

        2. Someone at work always brings a tea sandwich and the filling is cream cheese and chopped maraschino cherries. It is delicious and might be a good choice for the kids and the adults.

          1. Yay! I knew you would all inspire me!