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Aug 25, 2013 03:53 PM

Montreal : $100 pp prix fixe for a group of 12. Great tasting food and beautiful plate presentation a must.

I will be leading a group of Torontonians to Montreal for a short visit. For that one night, I am looking for dinner recommendation at a place that features either a Prix Fix or Tasting Menu for around $100 pp with a glass of wine. Great tasting food and beautiful plate presentation are a must. French cuisine preferred but open to others except Asian food ( Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean...etc ).
Thanking you all in advance!!

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  1. Damas - Syrian
    $55 tasting menu, amazing food, impressive display

    1. Européa, one of the best restaurant in Montreal has both a 99 $ tasting menu and a 70 $ discovery menu. In either case, you will get extra dishes in addition to those listed on the web site. And they have a private room to accommodate a group your size.

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        This is a bit tricky: tasting menus are modestly priced in Montreal, but I find that they're becoming rather scarce. Several of the restaurants that offer them also seem to have a 6 or 8 person maximum.

        You might consider the 5-course tasting at 400 Coups. I also think that Europea was a good recommendation. Both are French-leaning and have exceptional service. La Chronique has a rather pricey Tasting menu as I recall, but they also have a prix fixe for about $89 (amuse bouche, appetizer, main, cheese plate + dessert).

        1. re: Fintastic

          i second les 400 coups! and their desserts are amazing! it's $70/pp + $40 for wine pairing.

          I'd say skip the japanese/korean/chinese since they do it better in toronto.

      2. Au Cinqieme Peche has a great tasting menu for $60, or $70 with foie gras. It is delicious, and they have a great wine list too.

        1. Raza, (but it is a BYOB.).

          1. Thank you all for some great choices!!
            Leaning towards 400 Coup.