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Aug 25, 2013 02:33 PM

Looking for lunch/dinner in the North Conway, NH area

We are going to be in the North Conway, NH area, and are looking for a recommendations for lunch and dinner. Can be as far as 30-45 minutes away. Any cuisine, any price ok. Just want really, really good food.

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  1. We vacationed in North Conway once, and 4 years later, still can't wait to get back.

    The following 2 Chowhound threads have several more posts that I am cutting and pasting here, and the posts are circa 2009, when we were unwinding from our great trip. But hopefully there is something here that is still relevant, or something another Chowhound can respond to with more of any update. And please post your own Chowhound experiences and reviews!!

    [Aug 2009] I love diner food, and when we found ourselves, by chance, traveling through Center Harbor, New Hampshire on vacation last week, and the ring binder of restaurants and menus at our motel listed "George's Diner" down the road about 5 miles in Meredith, NH, we had to check it out. We felt like we were surrounded by friendly local folks, although I am sure a lot of them were just as much tourists as we were (Merideth sure looked like a tourist town). I wanted to post this just to pass along my wife's recommendation that the chili at George's Diner was especially tasty. I don't think it was spicy hot. She says the blend was a little bit sweet, and she loved the supply of legumes. Posted by Florida Hound What’s New in the Lakes Region, New Hampshire

    [August 2009] Best Return Visit(s): The Stairway Café (2 visits) – the blueberry pancakes were amazing, as were the huevos verde (sunny-side up eggs on corn tortillas, with a green chile sauce, an herb salad, chicken-jalapeno sausage, and avocado)….
    Best New Place: Wine Thyme (located in the old Coyote Rose) – great tapas and wine, and also great service….
    Best New Visit to Old Place: The Red Parka Pub: Decent steaks, a salad bar available, and fun for the kids. Plus, we had the best blueberry pie of the trip… Posted by MUGger

    [August 2009] We did not do a gourmet tour of North Conway, but my wife and I both felt May Kelly's had the best food we had in our entire 10 days in Maine- New Hampshire. We fell in love with the North Conway area, not so much for the food, but the scenery, the surprise recommendations from locals re: things to see and do. …Posted by Florida Hound Back to North Conway