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Aug 25, 2013 02:25 PM

MOMA Kitchenware Offering

Check out this pricey kitchen tools offering from the Museum of Modern Art:

Would you buy this?

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  1. Sure, but only at the "member price".

    (shaking head and rolling eyes)

    1. Hi, sandy:

      They lost me at the red calfskin leather apron, sorry, but the boxwood-handled knife is sexy.

      I REALLY want to go to a dinner where the host pulls out the $5,800 multi-level, designer "shoebox" full of these things. Sort of like the "executive toolbox", except for the arty.


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      1. re: kaleokahu

        I can usually depend on Kaleo to voice a suitably virtuous response but, hoo boy, am I glad that Kaleo was so politely ironic. This s**t annoys the h*** out of me which probably certifies that I am now a chronic old fart. Talk about ridiculous! This MOMA offering takes the proverbial cake. They couldn't invite me to that dinner.

      2. I love the write-up on the Cast Iron pan:

        "Cast Iron Pan
        A German artist with a passion for cast iron makes these pans, each of which is a one-off and is close to being a work of art in its own right. Solid cast iron treated with linseed oil. 25 cm diameter, 2 liters. Made in Germany."

        Ha ha: "close to being a work of art." How would it feel to be the craftsman who makes one-off's for MOMA to sell as part of a $6,000 kitchen kit and they describe your work as 'almost art.' Oh, the attitude!

        On a slightly different note, that is a pretty sweet colander. Anyone know where to find something similar (thick, with riveted handles like that) for about 1/200 the price?

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        1. re: jljohn

          Looks like the Matfer Bourgeat colander. Still not cheap, but I would only want to upgrade a few items instead of buying the whole box.

        2. Even if I had the money to blow on something like that, I would still say "no way". There is nothing there to remotely justify that kind of price, and IMHO, anyone who would spring for that has more money than brains.

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          1. re: flourgirl

            I would like to go to their garage sale a year later!

              1. re: nofunlatte

                It's beautiful. But how would you get stains out of that thing??