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Aug 25, 2013 01:56 PM

what's a good "family type" italian restaurant for dinner this evening? Nothing to break the bank, but good, solid food.

hi there.
Looking for a good family type restaurant for dinner, nothing extravagantly expensive, but good quality, good food. preferably west end, but not a big requirement. thanks!

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  1. Chez Ennio, 1978 de Maisonneuve O

    1. what's trattoria cinecitta like?

      1. Lots of folks like Pasta Casareccia in NDG.

        1. we went to trattoria cinecitta for dinner - Decarie corner Isabella. Nice restaurant, with parking in the rear.
          on a sunday evening, about 5 tables occupied. Apparently new owners.
          My parents (in their 80s), my wife and me, and my daughter.
          Lasagna, sea bass, liver lyonnaise, osso bucco, tortellini soup. service was good, food was tasty, and good size portions. Had also a saxophone player playing background music, which was nice.

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            rikk, here is the address and website for Trattoria Cinecitta: 5220 Boulevard Décarie, Montréal, QC H3X 3Z6 ‎
            (514) 483-2345 ‎ ·

            It is also extremely close to Snowdon métro, if for a group where some are driving and others taking public transport.