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Aug 25, 2013 12:39 PM

Perfex Pepper Grinders

I have a set of Perfex salt and pepper grinders. I want to know what people out there think of them. I have a chance to buy a larger Perfex pepper grinder but after reading some reviews that after about 6 years the gears are a problem and what can't be done about them, no lifetime warranty most likely also, I wonder if it is worth paying a fortune for one or another salt grinder one even. I want to know what grinders and especially pepper grinders are considered even better than Perfex so I can start deciding when and what I am going to buy one or the other. They have been super but I just need to buy the larger pepper size and think I may be wasting my money since I read some not so hot reviews.

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  1. I had Perfex s and p. For salt I vastly prefer a salt pig. I figure that salt will not deteriorate because it has already been reduced to the desired texture. Besides, I am enough of a salt junkie that I use several kinds frequently. As regards pepper, the grind was ok, but my arthritic fingers much prefer the large Peugeot and the grind is spectacular.

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      Thanks. I feel my hands may be a problem too in time so I am going to check the Peugeot. Now then, I have not heard of a salt pig before. Salt already ground to desired consistency I believe you said and kept without deteriorating or clumping up I figured also. I buy jarred salt/sea salt or kosher in box for grinding also. So of course, I am interested in everything others may think is best. Going to hunt up the salt pig for info. (just found-a container that makes it easy to get a pinch of salt from or use measuring spoons etc in. I had never heard of such. Thanks so much.

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        I have two, an original old fashioned looking one from Fante's that sits by the stove and a Nigella Lawson for dining. I have lately seen some by Emile Henri, too. I use kosher salt in them but I also use a variety of other salts in smaller quantities.