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Aug 25, 2013 12:28 PM

30-45 minutes from Absecon?

Gonna be in Absecon for a weekend in early October. We're looking for very good dinners within a 1/2 hr-45 minute drive. Cuisine is not a huge consideration and BYO or bar is fine. If the weather cooperates we're very happy to dine al fresco.

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  1. I live here, but are you talking dinners or diners?

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    1. re: PineyPower

      Dinner. But now that you mention it, a diner for breakfast would also be helpful. Thanks!

    2. Back bay ale house in AC Gardeners basin, awesome!

      1. Thanks for the replies. We went to Mako's in Sea Isle City the first night and were not impressed. Over-cooked chicken and salmon entrees. Very meh food. The next night we made up for that by going to Peter Shields Inn in Cape May. Great place. Nice ambiance, very good wait staff, excellent food AND it's BYOB!!! We will definitely be back at Peter Shields Inn on our next trip to the shore.