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Aug 25, 2013 11:58 AM

Best Donuts?

I'm looking for the best Donuts in the California! I'll be spending time in LA and San Francisco. Thanks!

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  1. Spudnuts - they use potato flour. Blind donut face off in the local newspaper had them winning hands down when all the fuss was over Crispy Creme at the time. I always thought they were the best ones too.

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      LA is the home of more remaining Spudnut shops than anywhere else in the country. Quality varies from shop to shop. Try the one in Canoga Park as recommended on the site below. Their Spudnuts are great.

    2. I like the donuts Pizzaiolo in Oakland does as part of their morning coffee service.

      1. You'd be better off posting in the SF Bay Area and LA boards.