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Aug 25, 2013 11:08 AM

Anyone know where I can get "Creme Yvette" liqueur in the Metro DC/Maryland area?

I am trying to find Cooper's "Creme Yvette" liqueur in the Metro DC/Maryland area. The closest I have found so far is in York, PA. Corridor doesn't have it. Does Ace? I know there are other violet liqueurs available, but I am not interested in them. Anyone in the area getting a nice supply of Creme Yvette? I think K+L ships to DC FedEX, but I would really like a local source.

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  1. You might try p Street Wines just off Dupont Circle. I think I've seen it there in the past...

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      I will have to look the place up. Dupont is easy enough to get too.

    2. Ace Beverage, up near American University. If they don't have it in stock, I'd be stunned if they can't get it for you. The folks behind the counter can be a tad gruff, but they have some serious knowledge about booze.

      1. If you can't find the liqueur in your area as yet--since it was out of process. You can go on line and order it and it will be delivered to you, until the local liquor stores begin to stock it once again.

        That reminds me of a cordial that I purchased about 10 years ago from Midway Discount Liquors in the Joppatowne, MD area. It was bottled in a large carafe/"balloon" type bottle and was a beautiful shade of pink. It had the taste of roses/flowers. I can't recall the name of the liqueur. It was AMAZING and I would love to locate it once again.

        I've returned to Midway and spoke with the owner--but he doesn't recall the product. Any suggestions or knowledge from any of you Chowhounds would be appreciated. FoiGras

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          Wow...a Rose cordial....sounds heavenly! My friend's Mom used to make a homemade Rose wine that was absolute heaven! She cultivated special roses for it and the scent of the wine was out of this world, and the taste so beautifully smooth. Man, I wish I could fine something like that again!

          Shipping alcoholic beverages in the Metro DC area is usually a pain, with all the legal red tape.

        2. I'd try Sherry's in Woodley Park NW DC. I've had good luck there with aperitifs I couldn't find other places, and they've been able to order other items they don't regularly stock.

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            I was thinking of them. I haven't been there in ages, but they were one of my favorites when I lived in that area.

          2. ACE Beverages has it! I am thrilled!

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              So now do we get to know what you're making with it? Best aviation ever?