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Aug 25, 2013 10:32 AM

Hen of the Wood Burlington not opening until late Sept/early Oct

According to this recent blog post from Hotel Vermont, the eagerly awaited HOTW Burlington is delayed and probably won't be open for another month or so.

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  1. We have a reservation for dinner tonight. It will be exciting to see how they do in this location. Can't wait!

    1. Had a great dinner last evening! The menu is much like the Waterbury menu. Small plates we had: scallops, lamb tartare, squash blossoms, grilled whole calamari, ham plate, mushroom toast with egg. Large plates: dogfish, rabbit, vegetarian crepes, hangar steak. Everything was delicious and well prepared. We had a very nice wine, but the second bottle was corked. They replaced it immediately without question. Desserts included grilled peach compote, glazed donuts, homemade ice cream and sorbet. The apple cider sorbet was the highlight! Amazing! The only concern I had was that the service was really fast. I'm not sure if they're wanting to turn tables as quickly as possible. It was really busy, though. Will definitely go back!

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        Thanks for the review. Looking forward to trying it out..but will wait a bit so they work the kinks out!

      2. Bumping this thread up.

        Waterbury or Burlington?

        Anyone been more recently?

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          Title says Burlington and it's open and serving and has been for a while. Search for Juniper or Hen of the Wood. Some folks have mentioned it in various threads over the last year.

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            Thanks, Morganna.

            I did a search of this Board and didn't see many recent posts. I'll also search by Juniper.

          2. re: financialdistrictresident

            I haven't been any time recently, both because we live a bit away, and never seem to make reservations in time. They're still busy, and you need a couple of weeks to get a reservation. However, my brother and his wife eat there frequently. They say the quality remains high, and they're very happy whenever they go.

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              Waterbury will be a more unique experience based on the incredible setting (a 200+ year old mill).

              P.S. I am a former Albany/Schenectady resident and read a lot of your posts on those threads.......hope this helps!