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Aug 25, 2013 10:13 AM

Best Bread in Brooklyn or Queens?

Where can you find the best bakery in NYC with a wide delicious bread selection (French breads, Italian breads, etc etc)? We are dreaming of a little French bread bakery and can't find anything similar in NYC. Thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. It can be a schlep for many people, as it is in a strip mall in East Elmhurst, but you will not be disappointed by the bread (and the pastries, and definitely the Almond Croissant) at Cannelle Patisserie. Their baguette is a thing of wonder - and I am not really a bread person, but this is good stuff. In addition to their wonderful French pastries and baguettes, they have a nice selection of other breads of which I have read very positive reviews. Just be sure to get there on the earlier side as they do sell out.

    1. The best handmade french bakery that I have been to in Queens is La Boulangerie in Forest Hills. They make all the breads and pastries on premise. It has a nice area to eat and drink your cafe au laits. Lots of moms and their children on weekend mornings.

      1. Canelle makes fantastic bread and has good selections. Had a really delicious fig and walnut bread there.

        1. It is not inexpensive and focus is French, but we have gotten some very tasty bread at Bien Cuit on Smith Street in Brooklyn.