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Aug 25, 2013 10:08 AM

Hatch Chile FYI

Bought a case of roasted Hatch , at the new Bristol Farms in Santa Monica. Great price, $35- for what turned out to be about 24 pounds of perfectly roasted chiles. One caveat. I wanted to get medium hot, Big Jim, but all they offered was mild or hot. Because I will be making Green Chile for my Dad, who can't take the hot anymore, I asked for a sample taste of the mild, and what I tasted had a good bit of heat. So I purchased mild, but at home I found that the chiles have NO HEAT AT ALL. Great flavor and perfectly roasted, and marked on the box authentic from NM. Having spent some time in NM, I know that even "mild" usually has some good heat??
I will try to catch the roasting next weekend in Pasadena, and get a case of hot, and mix 50/50.

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  1. I tasted the hatch chile potato salad at Santa Monica Bristol Farms. Really good and definitely packed some heat.

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      The Gelson's (Encino) also has a nice hatch chile salad.... (corn, avocado, and some other stuff.... sorry, wasn't paying very close attention while stuffing my face quickly during lunch).

    2. They vary greatly from chile to chile, regardless of variety planted. With so many different varieties in a small region, cross-pollination occurs rather easily. I usually want my Hatch hotter, then I hook into a random one that kicks my ass. Probably happens most as soon as I tell someone "don't worry, they aren't hot".

      1. You guys are killing me! I relocated from the Manhattan Beach area to Williamsburg, VA a year ago, and, to be kind, they don't have a clue about Mexican food. I understand the restaurants cater to their clientelle, but...OMG! Is it possible to get a batch of Hatch chilis shipped to me, do you suppose? The original posts reminded me of the original Roberto's and their fabulous fish tacos! Amazing!

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          You might consider contacting Melissa's...

          Although hurry... the ones at the store don't look too long for this world...


          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. Yes.. Its Hatch Chile season!!! I was just in the Topanga Mall doing some shopping and I noticed a Belgian Fry Kiosk.. What made me stop and order some frites is that they had as a special was a Hatch Chile Sauce. Well. Say no more... Not only the Frites were great but, it was the "Hatch" sauce that put them over the top. YUMMMM!!! They will have it as long as their supply last.