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Aug 25, 2013 10:06 AM

Egg-free or water Challah in NYC area

We're visiting family in the NYC area (Westchester) for Rosh Hashana and am looking for a good egg-free challah for my daughter, who has an egg allergy. Water challah usually works well but am having trouble finding a bakery that makes them fresh. Any suggestions?

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  1. I can't help you with a specific bakery, but when I was looking for the same thing in Brooklyn, I was told by a few bakeries that nothing can be completely 100% egg free because of cross contamination. This may change what you're looking for depending on how severe the allergy is...

    1. Season's makes a good water challah. I've seen it at the UWS branch, but I assume all their stores should carry it. they generally will also carry packaged water challahs from other bakeries.

      1. I can't guarantee, but White Plains Bake Shoppe's challahs taste old school enough to be egg-free. I'd call and confirm. It's in White Plains and supervised by the local rabbis.

        1. The Gruenbaum's family of bakeries, being Yekkish, sells fresh water challah(made in the Lakewood branch). The closest one to Westchester is probably in Riverdale.

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            Having been born and raised in Washington Heights, I've been a loyal Gruenebaum patron for close to 40 years. When fresh (or within 1 day of being baked), their water challah is perhaps the best in the tri-state area. If you're planning on eating it on the 1st night or the 1st day of RH, then it will be quite tasty, but would not recommend buying for the 2nd day/Shabbat, because will likely be quite dry by then.

            Also, you may want to call the bakery in advance to confirm that they will offer water challah for R.H. - I have some vague childhood memory that their RH Challah offerings were limited to round (vs braided) egg challah (with no water challah alternative)

            1. re: bigredesq

              I agree that if you're going to buy for the second day or Shabbos, you should probably freeze those and defrost a few hours before the meal. It makes a big difference for any challah that's not loaded with preservatives.

          2. I don't know if you want to make the trek into Boro Park, but many of the bakeries there do sell water challahs - try Eagle's on the corner of 13th and 38th.