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Aug 25, 2013 10:03 AM

What do the locals think of the NOLA Eater Heat Map?

The website publishes a "heat map" for many cities, including New Orleans. It is important to note that this is not intended to be a list of the "best" restaurants, but rather a list of the restaurants that, at that moment in time and based on a variety of factors, best answer the question, "Where should I eat tonight?" (Also note that the restaurants are not listed in any particular order, so please don't read a ranking into the order in which they are listed.)

I find the New York and Boston lists to be well assembled, but when I looked at the New Orleans list, I was surprised to see how many places I (not a local, but a VERY frequent visitor) had never heard of (although I was thrilled to see that Bacchanal had made the list).

So here it is. What do you locals think?

Correction: the link above is to a different list, the "Essential 38" NOLA restaurants. Here is a link to the heat map. So there are now two lists for you locals to critique!

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  1. The 38 essential is a good list. As noted, no fine dining, but I've been to a number of them (or know patrons) and there is good food at these places.

    It's nice to see some lists that do not answer "What is the best...?"

    While visitors rightly want to spend their limited time, and possibly money, at the places that make N.O. famous as a restaurant destination, there are so many more that serve good food.

    They don't have to be destinations but just might be in your neighborhood or along your commute.

    The heat map looks a bit more like finding a restaurant via twitter trends.