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Over-the-top theme decor restaurant?

We have a friend visiting who loves kitschy theme restaurants. We've taken him to Bahooka, Clearman's, Tam O'Shanter in the past. Any places we've missed? Good food would be a huge plus, but the emphasis is on the decor.Anywhere in the L.A/SFV. area.

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  1. Rock Sugar Pan Asian Cusine-Century City
    Saddle Peak Lodge-Malibu Canyon
    Blue Bayou-Disneyland

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        You are correct. I edited it. Thank you.

    1. Definitely WITHOUT the good food you ought to have a drink up at Yamashiro restaurant http://www.yamashirorestaurant.com/ in Hollywood. Have you been to the Tiki Ti http://www.tiki-ti.com/pages/home.html bar? If not you really ought to visit at least once in your life. In the same vein, but with food, is Damon's Steakhouse http://www.damonsglendale.com/ in Glendale.

      1. Shanghai No 1 Seafood


        Chi Lin


        Outpost Hollywood

        Class 302

        1. Sanamluang Café on Sherman Way in NoHo. Great Thai food. Décor is 50's-60's neon glitz

          1. Angelo & Vincis in Fullerton. Not to be missed!


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                You need to be a member here, or a guest of one....

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                  You can now buy monthly membership I believe

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                    Open Sesame Magic Castle Membership $250
                    Valid for one month upon activation of membership.
                    Valid during Sunday through Thursday evenings and Saturday Brunch only.
                    The member and one guest will be admitted without a door charge each visit.
                    Any additional guests that you bring in will be required to pay the door charge.
                    A total of 8 people are allowed access to the Magic Castle per membership each evening.
                    Dinning is required with each visit and reservations are mandatory.
                    No one under the age of 21 will be admitted with the exception of our Saturday Brunch.
                    Your entire party must follow the rules of the Academy of Magical Arts including our strict dress code.

              2. Also Opaque at vlounge 2020 Wilshire where you eat in dark w blind waiters.

                Saddleranch, sunset.

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                    Proud Bird is a great suggestion as long as you don't eat there.

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                      Old vet friend of mine loved it. Stuffed mushrooms. Airplanes.

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                      If Proud Bird appeals to you and you're in the SFV, you may want instead to go to 94th Aero Squadron at the Van Nuys Airport - same basic idea as Proud Bird - 94th is WW1 themed, PB is WW2 themed - both owned by the same company. That said the replica aircraft at PB are better, and while you can see planes landing at both, at PB you do see much larger and more impressive airliners, rather than light planes and business jets at 94th.

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                          I stood next to the Proud Bird to watch the only landing of the Concorde (SST) at LAX in October of 1974 (link to photo of the event below).


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                            very cool -- in the niche lax/food/aviation history vein i also note Endeavor parked in front of Randy's last year!

                      1. Magic Restroom Cafe was supposed to open last month but we're still waiting.

                        1. It could be argued that Pann's fits into this category.

                          1. Anyone ever been to pipers on Beverly? Scottish?

                            1. What about The Gorbals? I've never eaten there, but walked i once-there was a very loud, Eastern European gypsy band playing, communal tables, and Eastern European fare. Looked like tons of fun, strangely reminded me of the Mos Eisley Cantina, I think because the the band and the energy. Should be noted that this was during Art Walk, so maybe it was more crowded than usual. Menu looks good, too.