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Early Dinner near theater 20th between Eighth and Ninth Ave

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Looking for a 5o'clock dinner before theater on a Sunday night. Have eaten at Donatella and wasn't pleased. Anything else within a very short walk in this area. Cookshop doesn't open until 5:30 and that's too late. How about Intermezzo? Would like Italian, French, Greek, American but not Asian or Mexican. Thanks.

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  1. Salinas, Socarrat, and Westville are in the area.

    1. Intermezzo is HORRIBLE. Don't. See if Montmartre is serving at that time. Co. Tia Pol.

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        Montmartre opens at 5:30 and may be too Asian influenced to the OP.

      2. Salinas is very good. A Dirty Water Hot Dog great and there are a few nearby.

        1. Le Zie, at 20th and 7th.

          1. Tia Pol, Scarpetta? 5-10
            Minute walk depending on the size of the heels

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              Neither are open for dinner by 5pm on Sundays. Tia Pol's site says it only has a bar menu until 5:30.

            2. I'll third the reco for Salinas, although on Sunday they serve a scaled-down dinner menu of mostly simpler fare for some reason. (Sadly one of my favorite dishes - the Fideos Negro - isn't on it, but there's still good stuff to choose from)

              Also Scarpetta, and Txikito isn't too far a walk from there. Tia Pol doesn't open until 5:30, I don't think.

              Tipsy Parson doesn't open 'til 5:30 but they're right on that block, so maybe they'd be all right. What time is the show?

              1. Quinto pino opens at 5pm sun, its a very small space but if you're there when they open should be fine

                1. Colicchio & Sons tap room isn't too far of a walk. You could very easily pop in any time of the day and grab a few bites and drinks.

                  Scarpetta is good but not sure they're open at 5pm... Red Cat is also right around there, not sure if they're open all day.